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Meanings of "ebenso" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 16 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
ebenso [adv] alike
ebenso [adv] as
ebenso [adv] similarly
ebenso [adv] likewise
ebenso [adv] also
ebenso [adv] too (postpositive)
ebenso ditto
ebenso alike
ebenso by the same token
ebenso [adv] as well (postpositive)
ebenso just as
ebenso by the same token
ebenso as
ebenso as well
ebenso alike
ebenso all the same

Meanings of "ebenso" in English German Dictionary : 27 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
ebenso gern [adj] equally well
ebenso froh wie [adj] as happy as
ebenso groß wie [adj] as large as
ebenso klein wie [adj] as small as
ebenso groß wie [adj] as great as
ebenso (wie jmd.) [adv] likewise (with someone)
und ebenso [adv] and also
ebenso wie [adv] and as well
ebenso wie die [adv] as well as that
ebenso groß sein wie ... [v] be just as big as ...
ebenso gut sein [v] be equally good
ebenso gern likewise
ebenso wie alike
ebenso wie in common with
ebenso wenig just as little
ebenso viel just as much (as)
ebenso gern just as much
ebenso gut just as well
ebenso viel no less (than)
ebenso wenig no more than
ebenso viel as much
ebenso wie alle anderen Steuern as well as any other taxes
ebenso wie as well as
ebenso sehr ... wie auch as much ... as
ebenso wie just as
Business Correspondence
werden Sie die Sache ebenso einschätzen will you see things in the same light
Kinder ebenso children as well