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Meanings of "offering" in German English Dictionary : 15 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
offering Gabe [f]
offering Aktienkontingent [n]
offering Anbieten [n]
offering Opfern [n]
offering Angebot [n]
offering Opfer [n]
offering offerierend
offering darbringend
offering bietend
offering anbietend
offering Ware [f]
offering Angebot [n]
offering Anerbieten [n]
offering Tranche [f]
offering Opfergabe [f]

Meanings of "offering" in English German Dictionary : 73 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
preemptive rights offering Bezugsangebot [f]
offering candle Opferkerze [f]
sacrificial offering Opfergabe [f]
offering prospectus Emissionsprospekt [m]
offering price Emissionskurs [m]
offering bag Opferbeutel [m]
offering price Angebotspreis [m]
offering price Submissionspreis [m]
sin offering Sühneopfer [n]
thank offering Dankopfer [n]
product offering Produktangebot [n]
peace-offering Friedensangebot [n]
peace-offering Versöhnungsgeschenk [n]
offering sites Opferplätze [pl]
offering opposition opponierend
offering one's services sich anbietend
offering to sich erbietend
peace offering versöhnliche Geste
offering one's services seine Dienste anbietend
peace offering Friedensangebot
peace offering Versöhnungsgeschenk
are you offering me a job? bieten Sie mir einen Job an?
are you offering me a job? bietest du mir einen Job an?
public offering Börseneinführung [f]
product offering Produktangebot [n]
primary offering Neuemission [f]
secondary offering Zweitplazierung [f]
secondary public offering Zweitplatzierung [f]
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Neuemission [f]
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Erstemission [f]
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Börseneinführung [f]
offering circular Aufstellung [f]
offering memorandum Aufstellung [f]
offering prospectus Aufstellung [f]
offering circular (stock exchange) Emissionsprospekt [m]
offering memorandum Emissionsprospekt [m]
primary offering Börsengang [m]
initial public offering (IPO) Börsegang [Ös.] [m]
primary offering Börsegang [Ös.] [m]
initial public offering (IPO) Börsengang [m]
initial public offering (IPO) Börsegang [m]
offering circular Emissionsprospekt [m]
primary offering Börsegang [m]
rights offering Bezugsrechtsangebot [n]
secondary offering Wertpapierangebot [n]
offering one's condolences kondolierend
offering circular (stock exchange) Aufstellung {f} der Emissionsbedingungen (Börse)
offering memorandum Aufstellung {f} der Emissionsbedingungen (Börse)
offering prospectus Aufstellung {f} der Emissionsbedingungen (Börse)
secondary offering Wertpapierangebot {n} auf dem Sekundärmarkt
offering means Anbietevorrichtung
public offering öffentliche Auflegung
sacrificial offering Opfergabe [f]
offering pit Opfergrube [f]
sacrificial offering Opfergabe [f]
offering site Opferplatz [m]
offering plate Opferteller [m]
offering table Opfertisch [m]
offering bag Klingelbeutel [m]
guilt offering Schuldopfer [n]
meat offering Speiseopfer [n]
drink offering Trankopfer [n]
sin offering Sühneopfer [n]
incense offering Rauchopfer [n]
burnt offering Feueropfer [n]
offering candle Opferlicht [n]
sin offering Sündopfer [n]
sin offering Sühnopfer [n]
sin offering Schuldopfer [n]
peace offering Sühneopfer
server (network computer offering services for others) Server [m]
The Musical Offering' (by Bach/work title) Das musikalische Opfer' (von Bach/Werktitel)
The Musical Offering' (Bach) Das musikalische Opfer' (Bach)