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Sens de "acorrer" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 21 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
acorrer [v] help
acorrer [v] succour
acorrer [v] run to
acorrer [v] hasten
acorrer [v] help
acorrer [v] aid
acorrer [v] assist
acorrer [v] come to the aid of
acorrer [v] look after
acorrer [v] deal with
acorrer [v] attend to
acorrer [v] care for
acorrer [v] defray
acorrer [v] help with
acorrer [v] disused embarrass
acorrer [v] disused run to
acorrer [v] disused appeal
acorrer [v] disused go to
acorrer [v] disused turn to
acorrer [v] disused resort to
acorrer [v] go to the aid of