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Sens de "author" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 31 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
author autora [f]
author escribir [v]
author autor [m]
author autora [f]
author firma [f]
author actor [m] disused
author auctor [m] disused
author autor [m]
author artífice [m/f]
author escribiente [m]
author autor [m/f]
author pluma [f]
author escritora [f]
author componedora [f]
author creadora [f]
author cuentera [f] CU
author criador (religión) [m]
author creador [m]
author componedor [m]
author cuentero [m] CU
author escribiente [m] outdated
author escritor [m]
author padre [m]
author artífice [m/f]
author cuentista [m/f]
author causa [f]
author tuáutem [m] rare
author redactar [v]
author autor [m]
author artífice [m/f]
author autor [m]

Sens de "author" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 66 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
joint author coautora [f]
co-author coautora [f]
joint author coautor [m]
co-author coautor [m]
female author escritora [f]
author of a small merry song or ballad chanzonetero [m]
comedic author cómico [m]
male author escritor [m]
gnomic poetry author gnómico [m]
author of a crime hechor [m] disused
compendium author compendista [m/f]
author or interpreter of fados fadista [m/f]
an author escritora [f]
the quality of being an author autoría [f]
author of a crime hechora [f] NI CL
gnomic poetry author gnómica [f]
author of a crime hechora [f] disused
be an author escribir [v]
available upon request from the author disponible por solicitud [adj]
by author por autor [adj]
an author escritor [m]
article author autor del artículo [m]
academic author autor académico [m]
josé martí (cuban national hero, revolutionary activist, and author) el Apóstol [m] CU
best-selling author autor más vendido [m]
author of study autor del estudio [m]
author-date system sistema autor-fecha [m]
academic author autor del mundo académico [m]
academic author académico [m]
advanced author autor avanzado [m]
anonymous author autor anónimo [m]
author of a crime hechor [m] NI CL
article author autor del artículo [m]
group of works that have not been published by their author yet colchón editorial [n] CU
a would-be author un aspirante a literato
publisher and author editor y autor
author of a compendium compendiadora [f]
joint-author coautora [f]
author of fables fabuladora [f]
author and fomenter of plots and factions pandillera [f]
author of dramas for the cinematograph cinematurgo [m]
joint-author coautor [m]
author of a compendium compendista [m]
author of fables fabulador [m]
author and fomenter of plots and factions pandillero [m]
author of a compendium compendiador [m]
author/composer of songs cancionista [m/f]
author of a commentary comentarista [m/f]
author of a compendium compendista [m/f]
author/writer of homilies homilista [m/f]
author of a libel libelista [m/f]
author who writes in the vernacular romancista [m/f]
author of treatises tratadista [m/f]
author and fomenter of plots and factions pandillista [m/f]
standard author autor clásico [m]
become an author meterse a escritor [v]
as the author says como dice el autor
according to the author según el autor
author treating of entails mayorazguista [m]
author treating of entails mayorazguista [m/f]
author: autor: [m]
web author autor de web
author name: nombre de autor:
technical author autor técnico
author-created link enlace creado por autor
joint author colaborador [m]