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Sens de "chair" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 33 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
chair silla [f]
chair presidir [v]
chair cátedra [f]
chair asiento [m]
chair silleta [f] VE EC CO
chair dirigir [v]
chair moderar [v]
chair cojinete [m]
chair jefa [f]
chair presidencia [f]
chair presidenta [f]
chair eminencia [f]
chair silleta [f] PE disused
chair silleta [f] VE EC CO PY rare
chair coordinador [m]
chair asiento (furniture) [m]
chair presidente [m]
chair presidencia [f] fig.
chair asiento portátil [m]
chair taburete [m]
chair cadira [f] disused
chair llevar en volandas [v]
chair presidenta [f]
chair presidir [v]
chair presidente [m]
chair zapata [f]
chair sillón [m]
chair silleta [f]
chair silleta para barras de armadura
chair asentar [v]
chair polín [m]
chair sillín [m]
chair silla de retén

Sens de "chair" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 295 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
rocking chair mecedora [f]
head of chair cabellera [f]
easy chair butaca [f]
easy chair poltrona [f]
high chair trona [f]
easy chair tumbona [f]
beach chair [us] tumbona [f]
deck chair reposera [f] CL PY AR UY
be the chair presidir [v]
wing chair orejero [m]
easy chair sillón [m]
rocking chair sillón [m] AMER
rocking chair balancín [m]
chair lift telesilla [m/f]
sedan chair andas [f/pl]
chair back espaldar [m]
chair made from wicker or canvas on an iron frame africana [f] CU
easy chair butaca [f]
club chair butaca [f]
professor's chair cátedra [f]
chair of saint peter cátedra de san pedro [f]
university chair held by an undergraduate catedrilla [f]
chair mender adobasillas [m]
rocking chair balancín [m]
swing chair balancín [m]
club chair butacón [m]
deck chair reposera [f] AR CL PY UY
chair lift telesilla [f]
chair making sillería [f]
easy chair reposera [f] AR CL PY UY
deck chair tumbona [f]
little chair sillita [f]
chair store sillería [f]
chair shop sillería [f]
lounger chair tumbona [f]
beach chair tumbona [f]
bouncing chair silla rebote [f]
bouncing chair mecedora [f]
board chair presidenta de la junta [f]
bean bag chair fiaca [f]
beanbag chair fiaca [f]
baby car chair silla de coche para bebés [f]
barber chair silla de barbero [f]
barrel chair silla de barril [f]
camp chair silla de campamento [f]
camps chair silla de campamento [f]
rocking chair abuelita [f] NI
double chair silla doble [f]
chair used by a member of parliament in the legislative chamber curul [f] MX GT HN SV CR DO CO EC PE
small, armless chair comadrilla [f] CU
small, armless chair comadrita [f] CU
rocking chair hamaca [f] HN SV NI BO CL PY AR UY
lawn chair haragana [f] SV DO
lawn chair jaragana [f] DO
deck chair haragana [f] SV DO
deck chair jaragana [f] DO
barrel chair butaca (cuyo respaldo recuerda a un barril) [f]
barber chair silla de barbero [f]
rocking chair mariapalito [f] CO:N
rocking chair mecedora [f] PR EC
folding chair silla de extensión [f] CU VE
vienna chair silla de viena [f] EC AR UY
vienna chair silla vienesa [f] EC AR UY disused
rustic leather and wood chair silleta [f] BO:E,W
chair swing ride silla voladora [f] SV
pull up a chair arrimar una silla [v]
hold a chair ostentar una cátedra [v]
fall into a chair aplastarse [v] MX GT SV NI CO EC
lean back comfortably in one's chair estribarse [v] DO
leaning back in a chair estribado [adj] DO
bar chair separador [m]
boatswain's chair balso [m]
rocking chair mecedor [m]
folding chair of wood and leather butaque [m] VE
curved parts along the bottom of a rocking chair that allow the chair to rock back and forth balancín [m] NI
rocking chair balance [m] CU:W
rocking chair balansuá (francés) [m] CU
beanbag chair puf [m]
bean bag chair puf [m]
baby car chair asiento de bebe [m]
chair lift andarivel [m] CL
deck chair butaque [m] MX rare rur.
rocking chair butaco (inglés) [m] NI:E
chair (with high back and armless) butacón [m] AR
butaque chair butaque [m] VE
deck chair cheslón (francés) [m] DO
barrel chair sillón barril [m]
barber chair sillón de peluquero [m]
adirondack chair dure [m] VE
adirondack chair criadero de vagos [m] PR
adirondack chair ture [m] VE
rocking chair mecedor [m] MX CO:N VE
rocking chair perezoso [m] GT HN SV DO BO:E UY
rocking chair perezoso [m] NI BO
rocking chair sillón [m] CU PR PY UY
board chair presidente de la junta [m/f]
seat of a chair asentaderas [f/pl] HN NI UY
chair swing ride sillas voladoras [f/pl] MX CR BO CL UY
electric chair silla eléctrica
swivel chair silla giratoria
folding chair silla plegable
reclining chair silla reclinable
folding chair butaca plegable
cover of chair/saddle acitara [f] disused
rung of chair costilla [f]
chair of a professor cátedra [f]
university chair occupied temporarily by an undergraduate catedrilla [f]
arm-chair butaca [f]
easy-chair butaca [f]
wicker chair with seat and back of leather or woven palm equipal [f] MX
mule-chair jamuga [f]
cane back/seat of a chair rejilla [f]
rocking-chair mecedora [f]
small chair silleta [f]
small chair sillita [f]
mule-chair samuga [f]
chair-maker sillera [f]
armless chair banqueta [f]
recline in a chair retreparse [v]
lop-sided (chair/table) cojo [adj]
chair-mender adobasillas [m]
rocking-chair balance [m] CU
child's chair carretón [m]
arm (of the body/a lever/a chair) brazo [m]
elbow-chair recodadero [m]
obstetrical chair potro [m]
chair-maker sillero [m]
blow with a chair silletazo [m]
chair-man silletero [m]
chair seller silletero [m]
chair-maker silletero [m] disused AMER
elaborate mule chair sillín [m]
large elbow-chair sillón [m]
arm-chair sillón [m]
president's chair sitial [m]
armless chair taburete [m]
covered sedan-chair toldillo [m]
mule-chair jamugas [f/pl]
lop-sided (chair/table) coja [adj/f]
bath chair silla volante [f]
folding chair silla de tijera [f]
easy chair silla poltrona [f]
pivot chair silla giratoria [f]
sedan chair silla de manos [f]
elbow-chair poltrona [f]
elbow-chair silla de brazos [f]
folding chair silla plegadiza [f]
arm-chair silla de brazos [f]
swivel-chair silla giratoria [f]
be in the chair ocupar la silla presidencial [v]
take the chair presidir [v]
put in the chair nombrar presidente [v]
take the chair ocupar el sillón presidencial [v]
chair with a back rest cadera [f] disused
take the chair asumir la presidencia [v]
fall off one's chair estar sorprendido [v]
fall off one's chair quedarse boquiabierto [v]
fall off one's chair estar asombrado [v]
grab a chair tomar asiento [v]
be put into the chair ser elegido presidente [v]
play first chair actuar como líder [v]
play first chair ser el líder de una banda u orquesta [v]
play first chair ser el músico principal [v]
play first chair ejercer el liderazgo [v]
play first chair ir de líder [v]
sink back into the chair arrellenarse en el asiento [v]
lie back in one’s chair arrellenarse en el asiento [v]
relax in a rocking chair darse sillón [v] CU
nearly fall off one's chair casi se cae de la silla
keep one's chair permanecer en su lugar
keep somebody on the edge of their chair mantener a alguien nervioso
keep one's chair mantener su lugar
keep somebody on the edge of their chair sembrar la incertidumbre en alguien
keep somebody on the edge of their chair mantener a alguien en vilo
come on in grab a chair vamos entra, toma una silla
have a chair siéntate
have a chair tome una silla
have a chair siéntese
have a chair tome asiento
pull up a chair! ¡arrima una silla!
pull up a chair! ¡cógete una silla!
grab a chair! ¡cógete una silla!
pull up a chair and sit down! trae una silla y siéntate
pull up a chair arrima una silla
pull up a chair trae una silla
reclinable chair haragana [f] AMER
a man sitting on a chair un hombre sentado en una silla
grab a chair tomar un asiento
on a chair sobre una silla
on a chair en una silla
put into the chair elegir para ocupar un cargo [v]
to chair a meeting presidir una reunión [v]
to take the chair presidir [v]
arm chair sillón [m]
vice-chair vicepresidente [m]
vice chair vicepresidente [m]
chair a meeting presidir una reunión
chair of the board presidente de la junta directiva
deputy chair presidenta adjunta
deputy chair presidente adjunto
interim chair presidenta interina
interim chair presidente interino
acting chair presidente interino
acting chair presidenta interina
chair of the board presidenta de la junta directiva
chair of the board presidente de la junta directiva
Work Safety Terms
boatswain's chair barquilla suspendida
boatswain's chair scaffold andamio de silla mecedora
professor’s chair cátedra [f]
vice chair vicepresidenta [f]
high chair separador [m]
vice chair vicepresidente [m]
vice-chair vicepresidente [m/f]
electric chair silla eléctrica
acting chair presidente interino
deputy chair presidenta adjunta
chair of the board presidente de la junta directiva
interim chair presidente interino
interim chair presidenta interina
deputy chair presidente adjunto
chair of the board presidenta de la junta directiva
acting chair presidenta interina
International Law
vice-chair vicepresidencia [f]
interim chair presidencia provisional
interim chair presidente provisional
interim chair presidencia interina
provisional chair presidencia interina
interim chair presidente interim
pro tempore chair presidencia pro tempore
provisional chair presidencia provisional
chair pro tempore presidencia pro tempore
co-chair country país que ejerce la copresidencia
interim chair presidente interino
co-chair copresidente
chair of the los angeles county board of supervisors presidente de la junta de supervisores del condado de los angeles
chair of county presidente del condado
slide-chair point lock and detector cerrojo carter-cojinete
electric chair sillón eléctrico
chair rail guardasillas [f]
boatswain's chair guindola [f]
camp-chair silla de tijera
cane chair silla de rejilla
rail chair cojinete del carril
chair chute paracaídas de asiento
boatswain's chair scaffold andamio de silla mecedora
popliteal height of chair altura poplitea de silla
swivel chair sillón giratorio
upholstered chair sillón tapizado
chair plate placa de asiento
bosun's chair carro de suspensión para cables aéreos
operator's chair silleta de operadora
operator's chair silla de operadora
chair car carro salón
chair car coche salón
chair conformation conformación en silla
half chair media silla
wheel chair silla de ruedas
potty chair silla orinal
dentist's chair silla de dentista
half-chair form forma en media silla
birthing chair silla de parto
chair form forma de silla
chair form forma de silla
half-chair form forma en media silla
Nursing Terms
wheel chair silla de rueda [n]
gynecological chair silla ginecológica [n]
dental chair sillón dental
boatswain’s chair guindola [f]
chair rail guardasilla [f]
boatswains' chair guindola (silla) [f]
boatswains chair guindola (silla)
fill the chair presidir [v]
chair a committee presidir un comité [v]
be in the chair presidir [v]
occupy the chair presidir [v]
leave the chair levantar la sesión [v]
electric chair silla eléctrica
chair stretcher pacaya [f] HN SV
barany chair sillón barany
rotary chair sillón centrifugo
chair chute paracaídas de asiento
barany chair silla de barany
barany chair sillón de barany
boatswain's chair guindola [f]
bosun's chair guindola [f]
bosuns' chair guindola [f]
deck-chair silla de cubierta
folding chair silla plegable
bosun's chair guíndola de arboladura
bo's'n's chair guíndola de arboladura
chair lift telesilla [f]
lecture chair cátedra [f]
orchestra-chair/stall butaca [f]
large easy chair butacón [m]
chair arm brazo de la silla [m]