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Sens de "expensive" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 46 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
expensive costoso [adj]
expensive dispendioso [adj]
expensive carero (que vende caro) [adj]
expensive caro [adj]
expensive gravoso [adj]
expensive dispendiosa [adj/f]
expensive carera (que vende caro) [adj/f]
expensive costosa [adj/f]
expensive gravosa [adj/f]
expensive salado [adj] AR UY PY CL BO
expensive alto [adj]
expensive caro [adj]
expensive carero [adj]
expensive cariñoso [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA VE
expensive carón [adj] CL
expensive pelotudo [adj] AR UY
expensive salado [adj] BO CL PY AR UY
expensive carillo [adj]
expensive insume [adj]
expensive suntuoso [adj]
expensive carilla [adj/f]
expensive suntuosa [adj/f]
expensive gastador [adj]
expensive liberal [adj]
expensive pródigo [adj]
expensive pródiga [adj/f]
expensive gastadora [adj/f]
expensive cara [adj/f]
expensive en las nubes [adv] UY
expensive a las nubes [adv] CL UY
expensive de muchas polendas [adj] MX
expensive de polendas [adj] MX PE
expensive salado [adj] CL
expensive bravo [adj]
expensive carioca [adj] PE
expensive cariola [adj] PE rare
expensive caté [adj] PY AR:Ne
expensive carero [adj]
expensive cariñoso [adj] MX SV
expensive caro bocado [m]
expensive brava [adj/f]
expensive caro [adj]
expensive costoso [adj]
expensive barato [adj]
expensive salado [adj] AR BO CL UY
expensive suntuario [adj]

Sens de "expensive" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 63 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
be expensive costar caro [v]
more expensive caro [adj]
in an expensive way costosamente [adv]
elegant and expensive imitation jewelry bambalina fina [f] EC
long, expensive skirt chain cadena cabestrillo [f] PA
expensive clothes percha [f] SV CU VE UY
adopt the heir of a person with expensive taste abacanarse [v] CL AR UY
adopt the heir of a person with expensive taste abacanar [v] AR
become more expensive volverse más caro [v]
Very expensive carísimo [adj]
very expensive impagable [adj]
who would like to be thought of as having expensive taste (person) abacanado [adj] CL
with expensive taste abacanado [adj] AR UY
(for an object) expensive bacán [adj] CU AR
elegant and expensive (place or object) ficho [adj] PE
expensive-looking representativo [adj] VE PY
having expensive tastes yeyé [adj] PA teen
having expensive tastes yeyesón [adj] PA
expensive and tasteless wedding bodorrio [m]
something which is desirable but expensive lujo [m]
expensive car cochazo [m]
(for an object) expensive bacana [adj/f] CU AR
expensive equipment el equipo caro
be expensive costar [v]
expensive cloth from middle east used during middle age aceituní [m]
look expensive representar [v] VE
expensive and non-productive thing elemento [m] PR
dear (expensive) cara [adj/f]
be too expensive estar por las nubes [v]
be very expensive ponerse por las nubes [v]
be too expensive ser más caro el collar que el perro [v]
be too expensive ser más caro el caldo que las albóndigas [v]
be very expensive valer algo un perú [v]
be very expensive valer alguien un perú [v]
be very expensive valer algo un potosí [v]
be very expensive valer alguien un potosí [v]
be very expensive costar un bigote [v] GT NI CR
be expensive estar caballero [v] DO
be a very expensive product estar caballero [v] DO
be very expensive costar un bigote [v] GT NI CR disused
be very expensive costar un sentido [v] EC
expensive question pregunta difícil
on the expensive side más bien caro
it's prohibitively expensive es excesivamente costoso
it's prohibitively expensive tiene un costo prohibitivo
it's a little expensive es un poco caro
it's too expensive es demasiado caro
expensive tastes yeyesada [f] PA teen
expensive item obtained for less bicoca (italiano) [f]
be expensive salir caro [v]
expensive item obtained for less chollo [m]
expensive habits hábitos caros
a little expensive un poco caro
an expensive-looking label una marca de apariencia costosa
more expensive más caro
neither cheap nor expensive ne ucuz ne pahalı
it was very expensive me costó un huevo [expr] MX
very expensive incosteable [adj]
comparatively expensive comparativamente caro
that which is too expensive incosteable [adj]
expensive [us] caro [adj]
expensive-to-make costoso de fabricar
increasingly expensive repairs reparaciones cada vez mas caras