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Sens de "irritation" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 71 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
irritation irritación [f]
irritation fastidio [m]
irritation carlanca [f]
irritation incomodidad [f]
irritation pica [f] PE BO
irritation atufo [m]
irritation ahuizotada [f] MX rur.
irritation apuración [f]
irritation asaeteadora [f]
irritation cansera [f]
irritation crispación [f]
irritation crispadura [f]
irritation crispatura [f]
irritation desesperación [f]
irritation apuramiento [m]
irritation asaeteador [m]
irritation coraje [m]
irritation crispamiento [m]
irritation grima [f]
irritation bruñidera [f] HN NI
irritation bilis derramada [f] MX
irritation cabreazón [f] PA
irritation chavienda [f] PR
irritation chavonería [f] PR
irritation chira [f] SV
irritation cócora [f] CU disused
irritation cócora [f] PR
irritation enchilada [f] MX
irritation mohína [f] MX
irritation mufa [f] BO:S AR UY
irritation muina [f] MX SV
irritation obstinación [f] VE
irritation neura [f] MX CU PR CO BO CL PY UY
irritation regada [f] HN
irritation roña [f] CU
irritation escozor [m]
irritation cachorreo [m] EC:W rare
irritation decalentado [m] DO
irritation fogón [m] PR
irritation jocheo [m] BO:N,E
irritation emperramiento [m] SV
irritation empurramiento [m] SV
irritation encocoramiento [m] PR
irritation rasquín [m] SV NI
irritation tequio [m] NI
irritation venado [m] SV
irritation vuele [m] CU
irritation bilis derramada [n] MX
irritation provocación [f]
irritation arrufamiento [m]
irritation encrudecimiento [m]
irritation irritamiento [m]
irritation vapor [m] CU
irritation fastidieta [f] CU
irritation mariconería [f] DO PR BO
irritation rasquera [f] BO:W
irritation sofocón [m]
irritation berro [m] CU
irritation guararey [m] CU disused
irritation enchave [m] VE teen
irritation embale [m] AR
irritation sollón [m] MX disused
irritation yeyo [m] DO CO:C
irritation agrazón [m] rare
irritation emputada [f] CO
irritation emputazón [f] PA
irritation coraje [m]
irritation irritación [f]
irritation enfado [m]
irritation enojo [m]
irritation comezón [f]

Sens de "irritation" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 57 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
irritation timer atandador [m] ES local
in a state of irritation/uneasiness caused by a situation where a number of expectations have not been met con la bala pasada [adv] CL
huge irritation arrechada [f] HN NI VE
sensation of pain and irritation caused by a burn or contact of the skin with certain substances/plants ardezón [f] CR
irritation on some part of the skin desafornadura [f] HN
unacceptable behavior that causes irritation cripería [f] PR teen
itching, inflammation, or irritation of the skin cocedura [f] CL
irritation or inflammation caused by a spider bite lamedura [f] PE
irritation or inflammation caused by a spider bite lamida [f] MX EC
insist upon something to the point of irritation arruinar [v] HN BO
feel an uncontrollable sudden irritation atacarse [v] MX CL
irritation or inflammation of the skin cocer [v] CL
cause irritation hostigar [v] MX GT EC CL
suffer an irritation or cracking of the skin on the buttocks or genitals due to urine pasparse [v] PY AR UY
repeat things to the point of irritation repicar [v] PA
that causes irritation or pain irritante [adj]
added difficulty/irritation agravante [m]
huge irritation arrechón [m] SV NI
exhaustion due to irritation abombe [m] EC
irritation, itching or pruritus of the anus culillo [m] VE
inflammation or irritation in the tissues like tumors caused by an infected molar cuichi [m] EC rur.
skin irritation escaldo [m] GT
repeated irritation cateteo [m] CL
skin irritation insulto [m] VE
ointment for skin irritation hipoglós (de hipoglós®) [m] EC BO CL PY rare
eye irritation from the sun's glare on the snow sorumpio [m] AR:Nw
eye irritation from the sun's glare on the snow surumpe [m] PE BO
eye irritation from the sun's glare on the snow surupi [m] BO:E
irritation in the stomach or digestive system calor [m] CR DO
stubbornly insist on something to the point of irritation buscarle el cuesco a la breva [v] CL
cause a lot of irritation dar bimba [v] CR rare
cause irritation for someone dar batería [v] MX GT SV PA
bother or irritation calentada [f] HN SV PA CU DO CO BO
persistent irritation chimadera [f] NI
huge irritation emberriondada [f] CO:W
huge irritation enverriondada [f] CO
cause irritation encalabrinar [v]
state of irritation ataque de caspa [m] CL
causing irritation cabrón [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PA PR
Work Safety Terms
primary irritation irritación primaria
dermal irritation irritación dérmica
General Medicine
skin irritation dermatitis irritante
eye irritation iritis [f]
lessen irritation abirritar [v]
skin irritation irritación cutánea
irritation fibroma fibroma de irritación
sympathetic irritation irritación simpática
functional irritation irritación funcional
direct irritation irritación directa
irritation cell célula de irritación
irritation dentin dentina de la irritación
irritation fibroma fibroma por irritación
frey's irritation hairs pelos irritantes de frey
irritation in the ear irritación en el oído
photo-irritation foto-irritación [f]
dermal irritation irritación dérmica
Industrial Hygiene
primary irritation irritación primaria