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Sens de "lumber" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 47 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
lumber madero [m]
lumber forestal [adj]
lumber madera [f]
lumber cuartizo [m]
lumber enmaderado [m]
lumber madera aserrada
lumber tablazón [f]
lumber tarantín [m] CAM CU DO
lumber traste [m] AND CAM MX PR
lumber balumba [f]
lumber amontonar trastos [v]
lumber andar pesadamente [v]
lumber amontonar cosas inútiles [v]
lumber armatoste [m]
lumber trastos [m/pl]
lumber muebles viejos [m/pl]
lumber maderas [f/pl]
lumber [us] viga de madera
lumber vigueta [f]
lumber madera [f]
lumber cabrión [m]
lumber tablazón [m]
lumber maderero [m]
lumber maderaje [m]
lumber tablones [m/pl]
lumber madera de construcción
lumber madera elaborada
lumber entramado [m]
lumber acumular [v]
lumber amontonar [v]
lumber cortar madera [v]
lumber empeñar [v]
lumber pignorar [v]
lumber lumbergio [m]
lumber madera de tiro [f] GT
lumber leña [f]
lumber tablas [f/pl]
lumber maderamen [m]
lumber maderaje [m]
lumber tablazón [m]
lumber madera aserrada
British Slang
lumber atosigar
lumber azuzar
lumber incordiar
lumber hostigar
lumber presionar
lumber producir un ruido sordo [v]

Sens de "lumber" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 1 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
lumber [m] boat

Sens de "lumber" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 182 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
lumber room trastero [m]
lumber [us] viga [f]
lumber [us] entramado [m]
lumber [us] leño [m]
lumber [us] maderaje [m]
lumber [us] maderamen [m]
lumber [us] fuste [m]
metal lumber carpintería metálica [f]
for lumber aserradizo [adj]
saw mill lumber separator apartador [m]
lumber yard astillero [m]
lumber jacket cazadora [f]
lumber with endosar [v]
lumber with cargar [v]
lumber with endilgar [v]
lumber with endiñar [v]
pertaining to a lumber room trastero [adj]
pertaining to a lumber encampment obrajero [adj] PY AR
tree up to 7 m in height used for lumber with strong roots that stabilize river banks caramacate [m] VE
lumber yard negocio de yarda [m] HN:N
lumber encampment obraje [m] AR
man who works in a lumber encampment obrajero [m] PY AR
lumber seller leñador [m/f]
lumber left in a forest clearing desmonta [f]
lumber room leonera [f]
lumber floated downstream maderada [f]
lumber-yard maderería [f]
heap of lumber trastería [f]
put anything away in a lumber-room arrumbar [v]
valueless lumber chisme [m]
lumber-room fayado [m] rur. rare
lumber-room trastero [m]
lumber room camaranchón [m]
lumber-yard almacén de madera para construcción [m]
lumber-yard depósito de madera [m]
lumber not completely dry camagüe [m] SV
piece of lumber doblero [m] ES local
lumber with someone with something cargar a alguien con algo [v]
lumber with encajar [v]
lumber off moverse con pesadez
lumber/saddle someone with something endiñar algo a alguien [v]
lumber/saddle someone with something endosar algo a alguien [v]
lumber encampment obraje [m] PY
undressed lumber madera sin cepillar
rough lumber madera bruta
argentine lumber workers union unión de sindicatos de la industria maderera de la república argentina AR
trade union of lumber and related industries workers sindicato de obreros de la industria de madera y anexos UY
lumber producers of el salvador productores de madera de el salvador SV
lumber workers union unión de sindicatos de la industria maderera AR
lumber manufacturers association asociación de industriales madereros CL
forestry and lumber industries inc. bosques e industrias madereras s.a. CL
chilean lumber corporation corporación chilena de madera CL
lumber-mill serrería [f]
lumber shed obrajería [f] BO
a puerto rican lumber gaita [f]
a costa rican lumber cuajada [f]
an argentine lumber guabiroba [f]
south american lumber ivirapita [f]
an argentine lumber chirca [f]
cut trees for lumber maderar [v]
pertaining to lumber maderil [adj] AR
fit to be sawed into lumber aserradizo [adj]
lumber dealer maderero [m]
argentine lumber ababán [m]
trees yielding construction lumber acajú [m] CU PR DO MX
a construction lumber aco [m] VE
lumber dealer maderero [m]
a venezuelan lumber carupal [m]
a philippine lumber agojo [m]
a cuban lumber cerillo [m]
a south american lumber clavellino [m]
an argentine lumber very hard and heavy alecrín [m]
lumber camp obraje [m] AR
a venezuelan lumber apamate [m]
a philippine lumber apitón [m]
venezuelan lumber trees araguaney [m]
venezuelan lumber trees araguato [m]
a south american lumber pacará [m]
an ecuadorian lumber geli [m]
a construction lumber ausú [m] PR
a philippine lumber balao [m]
venezuelan lumber chacarrandán [m]
a costa rican lumber cuerillo [m]
an argentine lumber guindo [m]
a central american lumber chaperno [m]
an argentine lumber blanquillo [m]
lumber used in building bobo [m] PR VE
an argentine lumber ingá [m]
south american lumber iviriraro [m]
south american lumber ivirapere [m]
a cuban lumber jabí [m]
a philippine lumber calamansanay [m]
venezuelan lumber chacarrandal [m]
a philippine lumber camagón [m]
an argentine lumber camboatá [m]
a south american lumber laurel [m]
lumber dealer maderista [m/f]
air-seasoned lumber madera curada al aire
factory lumber madera para elaborar
patterned lumber madera moldeada
rough lumber madera sin labrar
square-edged lumber madera canteada
select lumber madera seleccionada
air-dried lumber madera secada al aire
lumber-tree árbol maderable
rough lumber madera sin cepillar
lumber crayon lápiz de carpintero
form lumber madera para encofrados
surfaced lumber madera cepillada
lumber market mercado maderero
dimension lumber dimensión de la madera
green lumber madera verde
metal lumber carpintería metálica
structural lumber madera para carpintería
lumber board tabla de madera
kiln-dried lumber madera estufada
lumber-core con alma de madera
lumber room almacén de maderas
rough lumber madera rústica
kiln-dried lumber madera secada en estufa
matched lumber madera machihembrada
yard lumber madera secada al aire
rough lumber madera en rollo
lumber industry industria maderera
laminated veneer lumber madera de chapas laminadas
lumber camp campamento de leñadores
tangent-sawed lumber madera al hilo ES
quartersawed lumber madera al corazón ES
dressed lumber madera cepillada
lumber business giro de maderas
lumber shed barraca de maderas CL
a european spruce lumber pino spruce AR
lumber crayon creyón de marcar
lumber industry industria maderera
lumber crayon lápiz de maderero
undressed lumber madera sin cepillar
a construction lumber acle [m]
a construction lumber molabe [m]
construction lumber guijo [m]
lumber dressed four sides madera de hilo
graded lumber madera elaborada
Construction Machinery
lumber fork horquilla maderera
spacing strip in a pile of lumber taliza [f] CU
fit for cutting into lumber tallar [adj]
a local lumber yolombo [m] CO
philippine lumber yacal [m]
a construction lumber tortugo [m]
south american lumber (semihard) tataré [m]
I beam of metal lumber vigueta prensada
beaded lumber tablas rebordeadas
yard lumber madera secada al aire [f]
green lumber madera verde
dressed lumber madera cepillada
season (lumber) estacionar [v] AR
yard lumber madera secada al aire
hardwood lumber madera de frondosas
clear lumber madera limpia
clear lumber madera sin nudos
seasoned lumber madera curada
yard lumber madera de barraca
secondhand lumber madera de demolición
lumber dressed four sides madera de hilo
sawn lumber madera de sierra
seasoned lumber madera desecada
green lumber madera fresca
dressed lumber madera labrada
lumber-core plywood madera laminada con alma maciza
clear lumber madera limpia
worked lumber madera perfilada
factory lumber madera por elaborar
sound lumber madera sana
rough lumber madera tosca
green lumber madera verde
green lumber madera tierna
shop lumber madera por elaborar
surfaced lumber madera labrada
unsawn lumber madera rústica
unsawn lumber madera rolliza
lumber mill aserradero [m]
warped lumber madera alabeada
lumber industry industria maderera
prized tree harvested for furniture lumber and bark producing a red dye paraguatán [m] VE