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power group

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power group piña [f] CU
power group camarilla [f]

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group that monopolizes power in government/business/institutions/groups of people argolla [f] HN SV NI CR EC PE derog.
belonging to a group with power argolladero [adj] HN SV derog.
referring to someone who belongs to a minority group of power argollero [adj] HN SV CR derog.
referring to someone who blocks the participation of those not belonging to their minority group of power argollero [adj] CR
ability of a small group of people to obtain or maintain power in an institution/political party/country argollismo [m] HN NI
be a part of a power group ser de los del asa [v]
share of power monopolized by a political group troncha [f] EC
person or group of people seeking power, honor, and riches carpanta [m] EC:S rare
power switch-group combinador de alimentación
power switch-group combinador de potencia
power capabilities working group grupo de trabajo de capacidades de suministro de energía