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Sens de "trickery" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 133 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
trickery magancería [f]
trickery artería [f] derog.
trickery burla [f]
trickery burlería [f]
trickery capciosidad [f]
trickery decepción [f]
trickery droga [f] disused
trickery falencia [f]
trickery fraudulencia [f]
trickery artículo [m] disused
trickery barato [m] disused
trickery fraude [m]
trickery fullería [f]
trickery maca [f]
trickery triquiñuela [f]
trickery faramaña [f] CL
trickery entuturutada [f] SV
trickery farsantada [f] HN SV
trickery feca [f] PR
trickery guasa [f] PR
trickery jarusca [f] SV
trickery jaibería [f] DO PR
trickery lámpara [f] CR
trickery lanada [f] GT HN
trickery mamada [f] BO
trickery enganchada [f] HN SV
trickery mangada [f] CU disused
trickery manganeta [f] AR UY
trickery macalusia [f] PA
trickery marufia [f] GT HN SV NI
trickery marufiada [f] SV
trickery doma [f] SV
trickery domada [f] SV
trickery ensartada [f] HN SV NI CL
trickery mañosería [f] EC PY UY
trickery mañosería [f] PY UY
trickery mañosería [f] GT
trickery maroma [f] GT SV DO PR CL
trickery embaucada [f] CR PA DO CO EC PE BO CL
trickery emburujina [f] CU
trickery embelequería [f] NI CU PR EC MX GT HN
trickery mafia [f] GT DO PR
trickery marramuncia [f] AR:Nw disused
trickery marramuncia [f] VE
trickery mejicana [f] SV
trickery moña [f] PR
trickery muchachería [f] DO PR
trickery ñanga [f] PE
trickery mordida [f] CU
trickery ñaña [f] AR:W
trickery pala [f] CU
trickery pamba [f] SV NI
trickery vara [f] SV
trickery tanteada [f] MX HN SV NI
trickery tracalería [f] PA VE
trickery vivida [f] HN
trickery tramposería [f] DO PR EC PE CL
trickery tanga [f] UY
trickery entuturutamiento [m] SV
trickery enganche [m] SV
trickery engañe [m] PR
trickery engoe [m] PR
trickery domi [m] PR
trickery embeleque [m] HN SV
trickery emborujo [m] PR
trickery emburujo [m] PR
trickery engañamuchachos [m] PE
trickery mocho [m] PR
trickery paco [m] UY
trickery patuque [m] VE
trickery pegón [m] NI
trickery pescao [m] PR
trickery pereque [m] SV
trickery plomo [m] PA
trickery zafarrancho [m] PR
trickery vacile [m] SV
trickery vacilón [m] VE teen
trickery vacil [m] SV
trickery amaestradura [f]
trickery camastra [f] CL
trickery tinterillada [f]
trickery trampería [f]
trickery superchería [f]
trickery embrollo [m]
trickery falsedad [f]
trickery trampa [f]
trickery compostura [f]
trickery ardid [m]
trickery adorno [m]
trickery pistola [f] AR:Nw disused
trickery fregada [f] MX HN derog.
trickery furulla [f] NI
trickery capillo [m] ES local
trickery carameleo [m] CO
trickery grupo [m] BO CL AR UY
trickery chicaneo [m] MX BO PY
trickery forro [m] CU
trickery engaño
trickery fumada [f] BO
trickery criollada [f] PE
trickery marramucia [f] CO:N VE
trickery engañada [f] NI CU DO CO PE BO PY
trickery mula [f] CL AR
trickery paja [f] GT HN SV NI CO
trickery paja [f] VE child
trickery pega [f] CO:C
trickery palucha [f] MX:Se
trickery trova [f] CU
trickery turca [f] CU
trickery tanteada [f] BO
trickery trampeada [f] BO:S
trickery camama [f]
trickery carlancas [f]
trickery entruchada [f]
trickery filfa [f]
trickery chanchullo [m]
trickery bigoteo [m] CL
trickery nucazo [m] SV
trickery ñeapu [m] BO:E
trickery palo [m] PE
trickery tupe [m] CU
trickery tiquiminiqui [m] BO
trickery vacilón [m] SV NI PA
trickery tapado [m] CO
trickery cuento chino [m]
trickery curro [m] AR
trickery carlancas [f/pl]
trickery muela [f] DO VE delinq.
trickery magancería [f]
trickery picardía [f]
trickery artimañas [f/pl]
trickery engaño [m]
trickery engaño [m]

Sens de "trickery" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 18 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
trickery through hot air emparulada [f] SV
use trickery to dodge (especially in sports/children's games) cabrearse [v] DO PE
by violence and trickery por la violencia y el engaño [adj]
scam, fraud, trickery, ruse forro [m] CU
deceitful trickery maula [f]
trickery treachery zuna [f] rur. rare
practice trickery trampear [v]
deceitful trickery artificio encubierto [m]
deceitful trickery engaño [m]
hold some one back through trickery chaquetear [v] CL
deceive someone by trickery meter la mula a alguien [v]
use trickery to make fail, lose a job, or not get a promotion mover el piso [v] NI EC BO CL AR UY
without trickery a la buena de dios [adv]
convince someone with trickery embalurdar [v] AR UY
obtain by trickery echar el anzuelo [v]
money lost through trickery trasquilón [m]
by trickery por malas artes
illegal maneuver, trickery, or act that one party uses in favor of their candidacy or proposal cargada [f] MX