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Meanings of "located" in German English Dictionary : 31 result(s)

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located befindlich [adj]
located lokalisiert [adj]
located gelegen [adj]
located ansässig [adj]
located beherbergt [adj]
located verortet [adj]
located geortet [adj]
located angesiedelt [adj]
located loziert [adj]
located angepeilt [adj]
located ortete
located geortet
located legte fest
located lokalisiert
located festgelegt
located lokalisierte
located angepeilt
located peilte an
located steckte ab
located abgesteckt
located ausfindig gemacht
located machte ausfindig
located fixiert
located peilte
located fand auf
located fixierte
located gepeilt
located aufgefunden
located gelegen [adj]
located maßlich fixiert
located aufgeklärt [adj]

Meanings of "located" in English German Dictionary : 37 result(s)

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located at a lower level tieferliegend [adj]
located at a higher level höherliegend [adj]
be located sich befinden [v]
be located liegen [v]
be located gelegen sein [v]
be located angesiedelt sein [v]
be centrally located an einem zentralen Ort sein [v]
be centrally located zentral sein [v]
be centrally located im Zentrum der Stadt sein [v]
be centrally located zentral gelegen sein [v]
be located in sich befinden in [v]
be located in seinen Sitz haben in [v]
be located in gelegen sein [v]
be located on the land of sich auf dem Grundstück von … befinden [v]
be located on the land of sich auf dem Gelände von … befinden [v]
is located ist gelegen
is located befindet sich
been located gelegen
been located sich befunden
being located sich befindend
being located liegend
was located befand sich
is located ist angesiedelt
been located angesiedelt
being located gelegen seiend
being located angesiedelt seiend
a few centrally located banks einige zentral gelegene Banken
located above the soil oberirdisch
located in the deep well im Tiefbohrloch
located in the soil unterirdisch
co-located satellites positionsgleiche Satelliten [m]
be located sich befinden
normally located ortsgerecht [adj]
be separately located (from a building) disloziert sein (einem Gebäude) [v]
centrally located air filter Zentralfilter [n]
Electrical Engineering
co-located satellites positionsgleiche Satelliten [m]
co-located concentrator nicht abgesetzter Konzentrator [m]