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Meanings of "asshole" in Spanish English Dictionary : 84 result(s)

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asshole mapuchino [adj]
asshole culero [m]
asshole cabrón [m]
asshole capullo [m]
asshole ojete [m] SV
asshole pendejo [m/f]
asshole boluda [f] BO CL AR PY UY PE EC
asshole gilipollas [adj]
asshole boludo [m] BO CL AR PY UY PE EC
asshole dobolu [m] AR
asshole tonto del culo [m] ES
asshole bolsas [m] VE derog.
asshole calandrajo [m]
asshole gilipollas [m/f] ES
asshole comemierda [m/f] derog.
asshole [us] cara de culo
asshole babosa [f] MX
asshole asquerosa [f]
asshole argolla [f] SV NI
asshole cochina [f]
asshole coño de madre [v] VE
asshole pelotudo [adj] AR BO PE PY UY
asshole malparido [adj] CO
asshole malparido [adj] HN NI CR PA CU VE EC PE BO CL derog.
asshole baboso [m] MX
asshole orto [m] AR UY
asshole rul [m] MX
asshole rulacho [m] MX
asshole asqueroso [m]
asshole el de atrás [m] MX
asshole trastero [m] MX
asshole orto [m]
asshole culiado [m] CL
asshole culo [m]
asshole ojete [m]
asshole maricón [m] CL
asshole cerote [m] SV NI
asshole huevón [m] VE
asshole malnacido [m]
asshole jopo [m]
asshole malparido [m]
asshole hijaputa [m]
asshole mechero [m]
asshole jediondo [m] NI CR PA derog.
asshole jijo de la chingada [m] MX
asshole jijo de la fregada [m] MX
asshole jijo de la guayaba [m] MX
asshole jijo de la mañana [m] MX
asshole jijo de la pelona [m] MX
asshole jijo de la tiznada [m] MX
asshole jijo de la tostada [m] MX
asshole jijo de su chingada madre [m] MX
asshole jijo de su tal por cual [m] MX
asshole jijo del maíz [m] MX
asshole juelagranputa [m] GT DO
asshole hijo del máis [m] HN SV
asshole mangajo [m] EC disused
asshole ojete [m] MX
asshole perro [m]
asshole cabarrón [m] ES local rur.
asshole cochino [m]
asshole gilipollas [m/f]
asshole comemierda [m/f]
asshole jijuna [m/f] PE
asshole jijunagrandísima [m/f] PE
asshole idiota [m/f]
asshole pelotuda [adj/f] AR BO PE PY UY
asshole craso
asshole maricón
asshole estúpido
asshole tarado
asshole pendejo
asshole pepino
asshole tragona
asshole hijo de puta
asshole idiota
asshole imbécil
asshole inmundicia
asshole canalla
asshole cara de culo
asshole retardado
asshole el ojete
asshole hijo de la chingada MX
asshole ojo del culo

Meanings of "asshole" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 33 result(s)

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like an asshole para el ojete [adv] AR UY rare
asshole [us] boluda [f] AR DO
be an asshole gilipollear [v]
be an asshole ser un pendejo [v]
be an asshole ser un hijo de la gran yegua [v] PR
asshole! ¡comemierdas! [interj]
asshole! ¡gilipollas! [interj] ES
asshole [us] boludo [m] AR DO
fucken asshole pinche culero [m] MX
fucking asshole pinche culero [m] MX
idiot/asshole topo [m] AR
asshole [us] ojete [m]
asshole (lit) culero [m]
this asshole este cabrón
don't be that asshole no seas tan estúpido
don't be that asshole no seas tan imbécil
same shit different asshole la misma mierda con distinto olor AR
same shit different asshole misma mierda diferente día
asshole! ¡hijo de la gran flauta!
asshole! ¡concha de tu madre!
you asshole! ¡hijuna! LAM
what an asshole! ¡qué cara de culo!
what an asshole! ¡que sorete!
what an asshole! ¡qué mala persona!
do I look like an asshole to you? ¿crees que soy idiota?
such an asshole tan pendejo
such an asshole tan estúpido
such an asshole tan mamón
same shit, different asshole el mismo perro con otro collar
you are such an asshole eres tan estúpido
you asshole tú imbécil
some asshole scratched my car algún hijo de puta rayó mi coche
do i look like an asshole to you? ¿crees que soy estúpido?