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Meanings of "canalla" in English Spanish Dictionary : 110 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
canalla [f] riff-raff
canalla [f] rabble
canalla [m/f] lowlife
canalla [m/f] scum
canalla [m/f] despicable man/woman
canalla [f] cad
canalla [f] riffraff
canalla [adj] NI child (a product) great
canalla [adj] NI child (a product) excellent
canalla [m/f] rascal
canalla [m/f] louse
canalla [m/f] worthless person
canalla [m/f] rogue
canalla [m/f] scoundrel
canalla [m/f] swine
canalla [m/f] cutthroat
canalla [m/f] someone that is naughty
canalla [m/f] scum
canalla [f] mob
canalla [m] blackguard
canalla [f] canaille
canalla [f] bobtail
canalla [f] rag
canalla [f] tag and bobtail
canalla [f] rascality
canalla [f] rascallion
canalla [f] rat
canalla [f] vermin
canalla [f] fig. swine
canalla [m/f] fig. cur
canalla [f] disused pack of dogs
canalla you rascal you
canalla [f] swine
canalla [f] rascal
canalla [f] dregs of the people
canalla [f] dregs of the town/people
canalla [f] scoundrel
canalla [f] swine
canalla [m] scoundrel
canalla cad (rap slang)
canalla piece of shit
canalla arsehole
canalla asshole
canalla bastard
canalla douche bag
canalla douchebag
canalla dickhead
canalla griefer
canalla perisher
canalla shit
canalla prick
canalla rascal
canalla ratbag
canalla son of a bitch
canalla CR a group of friends from the neighborhood
canalla [m/f] despicable person
canalla [m/f] gangster
British Slang
canalla biatch
canalla baw-bag (scottish)
canalla ball-bag (scottish)
canalla bell-end
canalla bum nugget
canalla boof
canalla devious schemer(aus)
canalla chief (london use)
canalla chuffer
canalla dick
canalla dick breath
canalla dickend
canalla dickfuck
canalla dickhead
canalla dicksplash
canalla dicksplat
canalla dickweed
canalla dirtbag
canalla dobber
canalla dog-breath
canalla doughnut
canalla gobshite
canalla cock knocker
canalla cockhead
canalla cockknocker
canalla cocknocker
canalla cocksucker
canalla greb
canalla grot
canalla grotbag
canalla grumble
canalla grumble and grunt
canalla fecker (irish)
canalla fucknut
canalla fuck-nut
canalla gareth hunt
canalla gayarse
canalla get
canalla gimp
canalla git
canalla runt
canalla toe-rag
canalla tossbag
canalla toss-pot
canalla turd
canalla twat
canalla twat face
canalla wank biscuit
canalla wanker
canalla wankshaft
canalla wanksplat
canalla wankstain
canalla ya wank (scottish)

Meanings of "canalla" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 11 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
estar canalla [v] HN NI be a puzzle
estar canalla [v] HN NI (for a thing) to be difficult to solve
estar canalla [v] HN NI be very difficult to perform or solve
estar canalla [v] HN NI be a real challenge
estar canalla [v] HN NI be a hard nut to crack
canalla  [m/f] AR a fan of the rosario central football club
canalla de mal vivir low-life scumbag
un canalla a rat fink
un canalla a bad lot
un canalla a bad hat
British Slang
canalla (usado en tono jovial) tyke