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Meanings of "barbear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 19 result(s)

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barbear [v] shave
barbear [v] MX PA flatter
barbear [v] MX CU throw
barbear [v] CAM bore
barbear [v] CAM annoy
barbear [v] CAM tell off
barbear [v] MX throw down a steer
barbear [v] reach with the chin
barbear [v] MX shave
barbear [v] be almost as high (one thing) as (another)
barbear [v] CU throw a steer to the ground
barbear [v] AR:Ne remove plants/shrubs from an open path in a forest or jungle
barbear [v] GT NI rur. throw a steer to the ground
barbear [v] CO:E throw a steer to the ground
barbear [v] PA give a person a mouthful of food (especially a child or a sick person)
barbear [v] HN PA VE open a person's mouth against their will (forcing them to take medicine)
barbear [v] see
barbear [v] spot
barbear [v] MX flatter

Meanings of "barbear" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 1 result(s)

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barbear (alcanzar altura) [v] come up to