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Meanings of "enrollarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 38 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
enrollarse [v] roll up
enrollarse [v] coil up
enrollarse [v] wind up
enrollarse [v] get off
enrollarse [v] coil
enrollarse [v] waffle
enrollarse [v] blab
enrollarse [v] harp
enrollarse [v] be wrapped around
enrollarse [v] VE become messed up
enrollarse [v] VE become messed up
enrollarse [v] NI linger
enrollarse [v] NI loiter
enrollarse [v] VE become complicated
enrollarse [v] VE become complicated
enrollarse [v] roll over
enrollarse [v] wind
enrollarse [v] ES get involved
enrollarse [v] neck
enrollarse [v] run one's mouth off
enrollarse [v] get on well with people
enrollarse [v] be a good sport
enrollarse [v] get jiggy
enrollarse [v] get it on
enrollarse [v] make out
enrollarse [v] exaggerate
enrollarse [v] flatter
enrollarse [v] overdo it
enrollarse [v] overpraise
enrollarse [v] lay it on with a trowel (informal)
enrollarse [v] soft-soap
enrollarse [v] lay it on thick
enrollarse [v] shoot one's mouth off
enrollarse [v] CL be pessimistic
enrollarse [v] entwine around
enrollarse [v] rabbit on
enrollarse [v] wind around
enrollarse [v] waffle on

Meanings of "enrollarse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 23 result(s)

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enrollarse (coloquial) [v] go on and on
enrollarse (coloquial) [v] talk non-stop
enrollarse (coloquial) [v] have an affair
enrollarse en [v] get involved in
enrollarse alrededor [v] be wound round
enrollarse bien [v] get on well with
enrollarse bien [v] have a way
enrollarse bien [v] be great
enrollarse bien [v] be cool
enrollarse en algo [v] get into something
enrollarse mal [v] be uncool
enrollarse bien [v] be awesome
enrollarse mal [v] be bad
enrollarse en algo [v] welter in something
enrollarse en [v] get into
enrollarse como una persiana [v] have a verbal diarrhoea
enrollarse como una persiana [v] run off at the mouth
enrollarse como una persiana [v] go on and on
enrollarse con alguien [v] get off with someone
enrollarse como una persiana [v] talk one's head off
enrollarse con alguien [v] develop intimacy with someone
enrollarse contando un cuento [v] spin a yarn
enrollarse (pareja) to make out