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Meanings of "flashy" in Spanish English Dictionary : 45 result(s)

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flashy guapetón [adj]
flashy guapo [adj]
flashy rimbombante [adj]
flashy pajarero [adj]
flashy charro [adj]
flashy balurdo [adj] VE
flashy bambollero [adj]
flashy gaitero (color) [adj]
flashy berreta [adj] AR UY
flashy pajarera [adj/f]
flashy charra [adj/f]
flashy balurda [adj/f] VE
flashy bambollera [adj/f]
flashy gaitera (color) [adj/f]
flashy chillón [adj]
flashy llamativo [adj]
flashy aparatoso [adj]
flashy charro [adj]
flashy pachuco [adj] MX
flashy vistoso [adj]
flashy relumbrante [adj]
flashy de mal gusto [adj]
flashy ostentoso [adj]
flashy colorinche [adj]
flashy alborotoso [adj] derog.
flashy huachafoso [adj] PE BO derog.
flashy huachafón [adj] PE derog.
flashy huachafo [adj] EC PE BO
flashy wacha [adj] PE rare
flashy superficial [adj]
flashy colorinche [adj] MX CO EC PE CL PY AR UY
flashy compadrito [adj] AR UY
flashy compadrito [adj] AR UY rare
flashy flamenco [adj]
flashy chulo [adj]
flashy mayativo [adj] MX
flashy mayativo [adj] MX
flashy bambollero [adj]
flashy flamenca [adj/f]
flashy guapetona [adj/f]
flashy chula [adj/f]
flashy torrencial [adj]
flashy torrentoso [adj] PE
flashy aparatoso [adj]
flashy impetuoso [adj]

Meanings of "flashy" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 33 result(s)

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flashy costume botarga [f]
dress flashy atusarse [v]
flashy person alborotosa [f] derog.
showy and flashy woman bambollera [f] CU UY
woman who wears flashy makeup chuchumeca [f] PE
be flashy boletearse [v] CO
very flashy foco [adj] EC
painted in a flashy way colorinche [adj] CL
flashy (object) compadrito [adj] AR UY disused
flashy colour colorinche [m]
flashy person alborotoso [m] derog.
showy and flashy man bambollero [m] CU UY
someone who dresses with flashy and corny refinement taco [m] PR
someone who dresses with flashy and corny refinement pitre [m] DO
characters that, disguised with masks and flashy costumes, parade and act out satirical or mocking performances fieros [m/pl] GT
flashy man compadrito [m] AR UY
get attention with flashy behavior hacer visiones [v] MX
a showy and flashy person alardosa [f] PA CU
flashy clothing cachina [f] EC:W
flashy ornament charrada [f]
flashy [pejorative] ostentoso [adj]
vain or conceited and tends to dress in a flashy or showy manner currupantioso [adj] PE rare derog.
in flashy colors mayativo [adj] MX
young man who is characterized by his quirky and flashy attire and his vain and quarrelsome behavior camaján [m] CO:W rare
a showy and flashy person alardoso [m] PA CU
flashy and poor taste thing cocoliche [m] AR UY
flashy trinket ciegayernos [m]
person who dresses in bad taste, usually wearing flashy garments or colorful decorations cocoliche [m/f] AR UY
flashy ornaments angaripolas [f/pl]
flashy [pejorative] ostentosa [adj/f]
flashy exaggerated ornament bizarría [f]
carnival character that wears an outfit made of rags and a flashy mask cocorícamo [m] DO
character in the dance of the macheteros wearing flashy feathers taita [m] BO:E