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group together


Meanings of "group together" in Spanish English Dictionary : 6 result(s)

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group together agrupar [v]
group together apeñuscar [v]
group together apretar [v]
group together agruparse [v]
group together atropar [v]
group together apuñuscarse [v] HN SV

Meanings of "group together" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 22 result(s)

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school (a group of aquatic animals that swim together; a shoal) banco [m]
set of things gathered or tied together in a single group gajo [m] HN EC
group of flowers that grow close together copetón [m] PR
group of people who come together to celebrate combo (inglesa) [m] PR
group of students that sit together to copy on exams combo (inglesa) [m] PR
group of three or four corn stalks growing together matón [m] HN
group of three to five tobacco leaves tied together and hung to dry cabeza [f] HN
platform made with boards or planks joined together or on a group of canoes that are tied together, that is used to transport people and things from one side of the river to the other chalana (francés) [f] VE BO:E
group of people working together toward a common goal fraternidad [f] MX GT NI DO BO CL
group of people working together on a task fajina [f] VE
group of animals of a species that are close together and form a compact block colpa [f] CL
group of people that come together to protest against those who have organized a march contramarcha [f] EC PE
group of colleagues that get together and have fun activities juntilla [f] PR
group of men hanging out together machangada [f] CU
group of men hanging out together machanguera [f] CU
group of people skating together on avenues and streets during december patinata [f] VE
group or crowd together apelotarse [v] CR PA
group of people working together or agreeing to do something in common, usually something illegal coludirse [v] MX CL
have fun together (group of friends) estar en la chorcha [v] MX
bring together a small group of musicians hacer un rumbón [v] PR
group of friends who usually meet to have fun together garulilla [f] PA
group together! ¡arrecochínense! [expr] VE