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Meanings of "guillarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 16 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
guillarse [v] PR make out
guillarse [v] DO impersonate someone
guillarse [v] PR shoot up
guillarse [v] PR inject heroin
guillarse [v] PR boast
guillarse [v] DO pretend to be someone else
guillarse [v] PR brag
guillarse [v] PR teen have sex
guillarse [v] PR embrace and kiss in a prolonged and lascivious way (romantic couple)
guillarse [v] go crazy
guillarse [v] leave
guillarse [v] lose one's mind
guillarse [v] flee
guillarse [v] PR engage in a prolonged exchange of hugs and kisses
guillarse [v] CU PR play dumb
guillarse [v] CU PR pretend to not know something