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Meanings of "insolent" in Spanish English Dictionary : 110 result(s)

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insolent desvergonzado [adj]
insolent insolente [adj]
insolent procaz [adj]
insolent desmesurado [adj]
insolent despachado [adj] ES
insolent desvergonzada [adj/f]
insolent desmesurada [adj/f]
insolent despachada [adj/f] ES
insolent atorrante [adj] AR UY derog.
insolent atrevido [adj]
insolent coletudo [adj]
insolent achulado [adj]
insolent carota (coloquial) [adj]
insolent flamenco [adj]
insolent deslenguado [adj]
insolent afrentado [adj] DO PR
insolent achorado [adj] PE CL
insolent liso [adj]
insolent cafrondo [adj] PR
insolent cafrondo [adj] PR
insolent cachazudo [adj] EC
insolent cachazudo [adj] DO
insolent cachafaz [adj] PY AR BO
insolent cachafaz [adj] PE disused
insolent cachafaz [adj] PA rare
insolent desfarfalado [adj] UY
insolent deschabado [adj] CU
insolent descamisado [adj] PR
insolent cuerudo [adj] GT HN NI PA derog.
insolent cuerudo [adj] BO derog.
insolent curtido [adj] VE:W
insolent cara de piedra [adj] NI PA PY AR
insolent fregón [adj] PR
insolent carelechuga [adj] PR
insolent cariduro [adj] CU PR CO
insolent fuerte de cara [adj] PR
insolent caretudo [adj] CU
insolent giriolo [adj] MX:N
insolent conchán [adj] PE
insolent corronchudo [adj] NI
insolent conchudo [adj] MX GT HN NI CR PA CO VE EC PE CL derog.
insolent impávido [adj] PE BO
insolent lisurero [adj] PE
insolent lambido [adj] DO VE PE:Nw
insolent lambío [adj] DO
insolent lamido [adj] GT
insolent liso [adj] SV NI PA VE PE BO
insolent lisurero [adj] PE
insolent lisuriento [adj] PE
insolent manituoso [adj] DO
insolent encacatao [adj] DO
insolent mondonguero [adj] PR derog.
insolent mondonguero [adj] DO derog.
insolent pechugón [adj] EC disused
insolent pechugón [adj] PE CL
insolent pencón [adj] GT SV NI
insolent quebrallón [adj] AR
insolent relamido [adj] GT HN NI PA BO
insolent vagabundón [adj] DO VE
insolent vagamundo [adj] DO
insolent vaquetón [adj] MX
insolent vaquetudo [adj] MX
insolent tapa [adj] GT
insolent lisa [adj/f]
insolent cafronda [adj/f] PR
insolent atrevido [adj]
insolent altanero [adj]
insolent descomedido [adj]
insolent descompuesto [adj]
insolent guarango [adj] AR BO PY UY
insolent ocasionado [adj]
insolent petulante [adj]
insolent malvado [adj]
insolent zafado [adj] AMER
insolent zafada [adj/f] AMER
insolent altanera [adj/f]
insolent malvada [adj/f]
insolent atrevida [adj/f]
insolent ocasionada [adj/f]
insolent guaranga [adj/f] AR BO PY UY
insolent descompuesta [adj/f]
insolent arrogante [adj]
insolent concho [adj] GT SV NI
insolent chivato [adj] CO BO
insolent cocoroco [adj] CL
insolent desollado [adj]
insolent boleto [adj] CO
insolent cafretón [adj] PR
insolent descocotado [adj] CU
insolent cara rota [adj] AR UY
insolent fachatosta (italiano) [adj] AR rare
insolent cararrota [adj] AR UY
insolent careta [adj] AR UY
insolent careverga [adj] CU
insolent cascarudo [adj] NI CR derog.
insolent frontú [adj] PR teen
insolent conchudo [adj] BO:W,S
insolent locochón [adj] MX
insolent vagabundo [adj] PA DO VE
insolent chuleta [adj]
insolent cocoroca [adj/f] CL
insolent desollada [adj/f]
insolent boleta [adj/f] CO
insolent cafretona [adj/f] PR
insolent frontúa [adj/f] PR teen
insolent güebón [adj] PR
insolent huevón [adj] PR
insolent pelotudo [adj] PY
insolent impertinente [adj]
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insolent impávido [adj]

Meanings of "insolent" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 46 result(s)

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be insolent descararse [v]
be insolent arrostrarse [v]
be insolent atreverse [v]
be insolent insolentarse [v]
be insolent avilantarse [v]
insolent person chulángano [m] derog.
insolent man/woman atorrante [m/f] AR UY derog.
the quality of being insolent insolencia [f]
insolent woman sota [f]
insolent person achorada [f] PE CL
cheeky and insolent person baqueteada [f] CU AR
insolent person cachazuda [f] DO
insolent, foul-mouthed woman cháfara [f] PR
insolent person cara de lechuga [f] PA PR
insolent person coscolina [f] MX GT
insolent person mondonguera [f] DO derog.
insolent behavior vagabundería [f] DO
insolent behavior vagamundería [f] PA DO
insolent person chulángana [f] derog.
be insolent to atreverse contra [v]
be insolent desvergonzarse [v]
be insolent desvergonzarse con [v]
be insolent desmesurarse [v]
behave in an insolent and daring manner achorarse [v] PE CL
become insolent resbalarse [v] PA
work in a shameless and insolent way sinvergüencear [v] CU
cheeky and insolent baqueteado [adj] CU AR
arrogant or insolent act or words desplante [m]
insolent person achorado [m] PE CL
cheeky and insolent person baqueteado [m] CU AR
insolent person cachazudo [m] DO
insolent person mondonguero [m] DO derog.
insolent person pechuga [m/f] CL
shameless or insolent speech or action desvergüenza [f]
insolent answer rabotada [f]
become insolent avilantarse [v]
be insolent/saucy deshonestarse [v]
become insolent insolentarse [v]
be insolent with someone insolentarse con alguien [v]
be rude and insolent subirse al piano [v] CL
insolent person sin respeto [m] CL
insolent person cara de barro [f] NI CR derog.
insolent woman guaricha [f] CO
be insolent esvanecerse [v] PR rur.
insolent person chuleta [m/f]
insolent person q'arachupa [m] BO derog.