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Meanings of "moderate" in Spanish English Dictionary : 117 result(s)

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moderate moderar [v]
moderate mesurado [adj]
moderate moderado [adj]
moderate módico [adj]
moderate circuncidar [v]
moderate templar [v]
moderate atemperar [v]
moderate morigerar [v]
moderate acomodado [adj]
moderate parco [adj]
moderate comedido [adj]
moderate compasado [adj]
moderate templado [adj]
moderate tiñoso [adj]
moderate atentado [adj]
moderate galeno [adj]
moderate acomodada [adj/f]
moderate parca [adj/f]
moderate comedida [adj/f]
moderate compasada [adj/f]
moderate templada [adj/f]
moderate tiñosa [adj/f]
moderate atentada [adj/f]
moderate mesurada [adj/f]
moderate galena [adj/f]
moderate moderada [adj/f]
moderate abemolar [v]
moderate atemperar [v]
moderate circuncidar [v] disused
moderate comediar [v] disused
moderate componer [v]
moderate atentado [adj] disused
moderate austero [adj]
moderate entibiar [v]
moderate resfriar [v]
moderate temperar [v]
moderate tasar [v]
moderate palear [v] CL
moderate suave [adj]
moderate manejable [adj]
moderate ceñido [adj]
moderate sobrio [adj]
moderate atentado [adj] outdated
moderate moderada [adj]
moderate morigerado [adj]
moderate morigerada [adj/f]
moderate amainar [v]
moderate amortiguar [v]
moderate contemperar [v]
moderate calmar [v]
moderate componer [v]
moderate desbravar [v]
moderate reportar [v]
moderate quebrar [v]
moderate modificar [v]
moderate desbravecer [v]
moderate atentado [adj] disused
moderate arreglado [adj]
moderate contenido [adj]
moderate continente [adj]
moderate convenible [adj]
moderate derechero [adj]
moderate blando [adj]
moderate bonancible (mar/tiempo/viento) [adj]
moderate galeno (mar/viento) [adj]
moderate eutrapélico [adj]
moderate regular [adj]
moderate religioso [adj]
moderate mediano [adj]
moderate mediocre [adj]
moderate reportado [adj]
moderate mirado [adj]
moderate quieto [adj]
moderate razonable [adj]
moderate parsimonioso [adj]
moderate eutropélico [adj]
moderate quieta [adj/f]
moderate religiosa [adj/f]
moderate reportada [adj/f]
moderate eutrapélica [adj/f]
moderate contenida [adj/f]
moderate mediana [adj/f]
moderate arreglada [adj/f]
moderate mirada [adj/f]
moderate atentada [adj/f] disused
moderate galena (mar/viento) [adj/f]
moderate derechera [adj/f]
moderate parsimoniosa [adj/f]
moderate blanda [adj/f]
moderate reprimir [v]
moderate presidir en una reunión [v]
moderate sencillo [adj]
moderate modesto [adj]
moderate pacato [adj]
moderate tranquilo [adj]
moderate apacible [adj]
moderate pasadero [adj]
moderate modesta [adj/f]
moderate sencilla [adj/f]
moderate pacata [adj/f]
moderate pasadera [adj/f]
moderate tranquila [adj/f]
moderate moderar [v]
moderate medio [adj]
moderate moderado [adj]
moderate mitigar [v]
moderate reglado [adj]
moderate blanda [f]
moderate blando [m]
moderate ordinario [adj]
moderate restringir [v]
moderate apaciguar [v]
moderate calmarse [v]
moderate limitar [v]
moderate apaciguarse [v]
moderate moderar [v]
moderate termalizar [v]

Meanings of "moderate" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 104 result(s)

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be moderate templarse [v]
in a moderate way moderadamente [adv]
moderate circumstances medianía [f]
moderate reprimand repucheta [f] EC
moderate dressing down repucheta [f] EC
moderate telling off repucheta [f] EC
restraint put to moderate trancada [f] CO
become moderate templarse [v]
exercise control to moderate behavior or a task zocar [v] CR
moderate and obsequious attitude of a person acomedimiento [m] CL
moderate oneself atentarse [v] disused
moderate one's passion desenconar [v] fig.
moderate one's pride desensoberbecerse [v]
become moderate callar (lenguaje poético) [v]
be moderate comedirse [v]
moderate (one's passions) dominar [v]
moderate the passions entibiar [v]
be moderate medirse [v]
moderate ardor resfriar [v]
moderate (ardor/fervor) resfriar [v]
become moderate moderarse [v]
moderate ardor resfriarse [v]
moderate in expense/pleasure ceñido [adj]
moderate-priced módico [adj]
political party of moderate views centro [m]
moderate fortune caudalejo [m]
moderate in expense/pleasure ceñida [adj/f]
moderate-priced módica [adj/f]
moderate one's words bajar la prima [v]
stay in shape you have to moderate your consumption of food and alcohol el que quiera ser buen charro, poco plato y menos jarro MX
moderate price precio arreglado
moderate risk riesgo moderado
moderate price precio razonable
moderate deflation deflación moderada
moderate inflation inflación moderada
moderate inflation inflación moderada
moderate deflation deflación moderada
moderate trading cantidad moderada de transacciones
moderate gale (viento) frescachón [m]
moderate political view centro [m]
moderate breeze bonancible [adj]
(dated) moderate atentado [adj]
moderate breeze viento bonancible
moderate speed de velocidad moderada
moderate size tamaño medio
moderate fire fuego moderado
moderate inflation inflación moderado
moderate speed de velocidad media
moderate quality calidad regular
moderate heat-of-hardening cement cemento de calor moderado de fraguado
moderate wind brisa moderada
moderate precipitation precipitación moderada
moderate intensity intensidad moderada
moderate wind ventarrón moderado
moderate gale ventarrón moderado
moderate breeze brisa moderada
moderate wind viento fresco
moderate wind gusts ráfagas moderadas
moderate risk of severe thunderstorms riesgo moderado de tormentas severas
moderate gale viento fresco
moderate icing engelamiento moderado
moderate rain lluvia moderada
moderate flow flujo o corriente moderado
moderate sea mar moderado
moderate shower aguacero o chubasco moderado
moderate winds vientos moderadas
excessively timid and moderate pacato [adj]
moderate (mod) moderado [adj]
moderate vaginal bleeding sangrado vaginal moderado
moderate mental retardation retraso mental moderado
moderate hypothermia hipotermia moderada
moderate persistent asthma asma moderada persistente
moderate hypothermia hipotermia moderada
moderate to severe mental impairment (msmi) discapacidad mental moderada a severa [f]
mild to moderate mental impairment (mmmi) discapacidad mental leve a moderada [f]
moderate depression depresión moderada
moderate mental retardation retardo mental moderado
moderate association asociación moderada
moderate (mdt) templado [adj]
moderate coma coma moderado
moderate confusion confusión moderada
moderate heat of hardening calor moderado de endurecimiento
Real Estate
low-and moderate-income home buyers compradores de vivienda de ingresos bajos y moderados
low- and moderate-income home buyers compradores de vivienda de ingresos bajos y moderados
Sound Engineering
moderate hearing loss pérdida auditiva moderada
moderate breeze brisilla [f]
moderate quality calidad regular
moderate speed velocidad moderada
moderate gale galerna moderada
moderate wind viento moderado
moderate gale ventarrón moderado
moderate gale viento fresco
moderate wave ola mediana
at a moderate speed a velocidad moderada
moderate sea fuerte marejada
moderate weather tiempo bonancible [m]
moderate (mdt) moderado [adj]
moderate management system sistema manejado en forma moderada
moderate wind brisa moderada
faults of moderate frequency fallos de frecuencia moderada
fault of moderate frequency fallo de frecuencia moderada
moderate damage daño moderado
moderate gale viento fuerte [m]
open position country dance with a moderate and rhythmical step with four-line stanzas in seguidilla accompanied by a guitar huella [f] AR UY