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Meanings of "componer" in English Spanish Dictionary : 120 result(s)

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componer [v] repair
componer [v] be part of
componer [v] make
componer [v] make up
componer [v] compose
componer [v] write
componer [v] mend
componer [v] set
componer [v] fix
componer [v] correct
componer [v] typeset
componer [v] soothe
componer [v] settle
componer [v] prepare
componer [v] compose
componer [v] be part of
componer [v] compose musical composition
componer [v] season food
componer [v] add up
componer [v] repair
componer [v] decorate
componer [v] fix up
componer [v] agree
componer [v] silence
componer [v] moderate
componer [v] produce
componer [v] mix
componer [v] constitute
componer [v] compose (music)
componer [v] mend or repair
componer [v] PR give massages with certain ointments to alleviate pain
componer [v] MX add fruit juice to pulque
componer [v] HN season food or prepare a drink
componer [v] MX SV GT HN SV NI PA BO set dislocated bones (person who sets dislocated bones)
componer [v] HN SV have sexual intercourse
componer [v] AR UY train a horse for a race or a fighter cock for a fight
componer [v] AR:Nw disused dress and prepare the images of saints in a church, especially before a festival or procession
componer [v] MX rur. castrate an animal
componer [v] compound
componer [v] construct
componer [v] arrange
componer [v] put together
componer [v] mix (food/drinks)
componer [v] garnish
componer [v] devise
componer [v] invent
componer [v] sum up
componer [v] put in order
componer [v] adorn
componer [v] adjust
componer [v] decorate
componer [v] trim
componer [v] moderate
componer [v] compromise
componer [v] write verses
componer [v] produce
componer [v] accommodate
componer [v] fable
componer [v] compact
componer [v] do up
componer [v] beautify
componer [v] dress
componer [v] apparel
componer [v] darn
componer [v] form
componer [v] deck
componer [v] attire
componer [v] pen
componer [v] indite
componer [v] heal
componer [v] retrieve
componer [v] put to rights
componer [v] to set to rights
componer [v] tog-up
componer [v] scour
componer [v] MX GT CO VE EC PE BO CO AR UY set dislocated bones
componer make up
componer [v] lay out
componer [v] make out
componer [v] piece together
componer [v] strengthen
componer [v] fortify
componer [v] restore
componer [v] fix up
componer [v] CO EC PE CL:S AR rur. set dislocated bones (person who sets dislocated bones)
componer [v] AR:Nw help someone get over their hangover, especially with infusions
componer [v] CR posses certain characteristics or qualities considered good or ideal (someone or something)
componer [v] restore
componer [v] comprise
componer [v] settle
componer [v] mediate
componer [v] compound
componer [v] comprise
componer [v] arbitrate
componer [v] concert
componer [v] patch
componer [v] compose
componer [v] typeset
componer [v] repair
componer [v] overhaul
componer [v] compose a number
componer [v] work
componer [v] reconcile
componer [v] stick
componer [v] format
componer [v] set type
componer [v] doctor
componer [v] render
componer [v] fit up
componer [v] frame
componer [v] assemble
componer [v] set up
componer [v] set
componer [v] assemble
componer [v] compose
componer [v] assemble
componer [v] refit
componer [v] overhaul
componer [v] fix
componer [v] note

Meanings of "componer" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 31 result(s)

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componer el semblante [v] compose oneself
componer música [v] compose music
componer una alegoría [v] allegorise
componer fábulas [v] fabulize
componer fábulas [v] fabulise
componer un pleito [v] compound
componer una desavenencia [v] compound
componer una bebida confortante [v] caudle
componer de antemano [v] precompose
componer (plumas) [v] plume
volver a componer [v] recompose
componer versos [v] rhyme
componer (calderos) [v] tinker
componer (como autor) [v] write
componer los tipos (para imprimir) [v] set type
componer el semblante [v] calm down
componer el semblante [v] put on a serious face
componer los animales [v] PR lead animals to night feeding grounds
componer el cuerpo [v] CL BO form (sugar cane)
componer la caña [v] CL nurse a hangover
componer los animales [v] PR tie up animals at night near their food so they can feed (someone)
máquina de componer typecasting machine
máquina de componer composing machine
sistema de componer authoring system
componer un número [v] compose a number
componer el número [v] dial the number
componer tipos [v] compose
componer tipo [v] stick
componer en cursivas [v] italicize
componer con minúsculas [v] keep down
componer continuamente [v] run on