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Meanings of "overcome" in Spanish English Dictionary : 64 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
overcome superar [v]
overcome invadir [v]
overcome batir [v]
overcome abrumar [v]
overcome remontar [v]
overcome allanar [v]
overcome vadear [v]
Irregular Verb
overcome overcame - overcome [v]
overcome acometer [v]
overcome salvar [v]
overcome dominar [v]
overcome orillar [v]
overcome ahogar [v]
overcome someter [v]
overcome subsanar [v]
overcome apear [v]
overcome atufar [v]
overcome vencer [v]
overcome abrir [v]
overcome acocotar [v]
overcome acogotar [v]
overcome acometer [v]
overcome circunvenir [v] disused
overcome embargar [v]
overcome adueñarse [v]
overcome sobreponerse [v]
overcome abacorar [v]
overcome doblegar [v]
overcome superitar [v]
overcome remontar [v]
overcome batear [v] HN SV
overcome rajar [v] PR
overcome reventar [v] HN NI UY
overcome sobrar [v] AR
overcome sobreaguar [v] CO
overcome valer [v] GT
overcome conquistar [v]
overcome cansar [v]
overcome domar [v]
overcome rendir [v]
overcome quebrar [v]
overcome sobreponerse [v]
overcome subyugar [v]
overcome sujetar [v]
overcome abrumado [adj]
overcome abrumada [adj/f]
overcome sojuzgar [v]
overcome sorprender [v]
overcome hacerse superior [v]
overcome sacar el buey de la barranca [v] MX
overcome caer que hacer [v]
overcome siquitrillar [v] PA DO VE
overcome acollonar [v]
overcome acoquinar (francés) [v]
overcome salvar [v]
overcome superar [v]
overcome sobreponerse a
overcome remediar [v]
overcome contrarrestar [v]
overcome superar un obstáculo
overcome ganar la superioridad
overcome descabezar [v]
overcome borracho [adj]
overcome superarse [v]

Meanings of "overcome" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 72 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
overcome difficulties salir adelante [v]
be overcome by the stench atufarse [v]
be overcome (with) estar abrumadora [v]
be overcome (by) estar abrumadora [v]
overcome shyness vencer la timidez [v]
overcome a fright sobreponerse a un susto [v]
overwhelmingly defeat, overcome, or impose (someone over another) apachurrar [v] MX
be overcome with a parasitic infection in open wounds all over the body abichar [v] AR UY rur.
be overcome by superarse mediante [v]
be overcome with griefs sentirse abrumado por la pena [v]
be overcome with superarse con [v]
be overcome by ser superado por [v]
be overcome with estar abrumado por [v]
pay attention in order to overcome shortsightedness desahuevar [v] PA PE
overcome a difficult or compromising situation indultarse [v] CU
overcome difficulties rebuscarse [v] PY UY
be able to solve problems/overcome difficult situations bancársela [v] BO AR UY
overcome with grief desconsolado [adj]
overcome with grief desconsolada [adj/f]
overcome embarrassments desembarazarse [v]
be overcome with sleep dormirse [v]
overcome a difficulty enristrar [v]
be overcome by fear entrar (el miedo) [v]
overcome (a difficulty) solucionar [v]
overcome (to win) ganar [v]
be overcome estar aturdido [v]
be overcome estar rendido [v]
be overcome estar confuso [v]
be overcome estar turbado [v]
not to overcome it easily tener qué rascar [v]
not to overcome it easily llevar qué rascar [v]
overcome the fear dar un susto al miedo [v]
overcome the fear asustar un susto al miedo [v]
overcome one's fears dar un susto al miedo [v]
overcome one's fears asustar un susto al miedo [v]
overcome someone darle a alguien sopas con honda [v]
overcome the difficulty llevarse el gato al agua [v]
defeat/overcome someone meterle a alguien el agua en casa [v]
overcome a problem or a difficulty remontar el vuelo [v]
overcome a very great difficulty brincar la talanquera [v] VE:C,W
overcome something easily pasa cholo [v] NI
have overcome an illness estar de correr y parar [v] GT NI
overcome difficult or compromised situation comérsela [v] VE
overcome adversity hacer de tripas chorizo [v] CR
not put in any effort to overcome an adverse situation no hacer por donde [v] CR rur.
successfully overcome difficulty or show that one can hacer la fuerza [v] NI rare
overcome an obstacle pasar al frente [v] AR UY
overcome with no difficulty pasar cholo [v] NI
overcome a difficult situation, serious illness, or problem pasar agosto [v] PA CL AR UY
overcome daily difficulties rebuscársela [v] GT HN SV NI PA CL PY VE AR UY
overcome daily difficulties rebuscárselas [v] CR CO VE EC CL AR UY
have great experience or ability to overcome any mishap saberla hacer [v] CR PR PE CL AR:W
overcome an adversity salir del maíz picado [v] HN SV NI
overcome an adversity saltar la talanquera [v] VE
it indicates the decision to overcome an obstacle ese muerto lo brinco yo [expr] VE
the best way to overcome a desire is to satisfy it la mejor manera de dejar atrás un deseo es satisfacerlo
how did you overcome those feelings? ¿cómo superaste esos sentimientos?
overcome several consecutive setbacks caerle la macacoa [v] PR
overcome several consecutive setbacks caer comején al palo [v] PR
overcome several consecutive setbacks caerle la changa [v] PR
too much to overcome demasiado para superarlo
too much to overcome demasiado para sobreponerse
can be overcome se puede superar
manage to overcome the problem lograr superar el problema
American Football
come from behind/overcome a deficit recuperarse [v]
overcome a deficit superar un déficit
overcome a deficit remontar un déficit
overcome one's errors sobreponerse a sus errores
come from behind/overcome a deficit recuperarse de una desventaja
come from behind/overcome a deficit venir de atrás
come from behind/overcome a deficit remontar un marcador adverso
come from behind/overcome a deficit recuperarse de un déficit