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Meanings of "pajarilla" in English Spanish Dictionary : 24 result(s)

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pajarilla [f] spleen
pajarilla [f] CO lie
pajarilla [f] GT disease in some animals
pajarilla [f] CO falsehood
pajarilla [f] BO:E bird whistle
pajarilla [f] PA penis
pajarilla [f] DO PR vagina
pajarilla [f] DO PR vulva
pajarilla [f] DO PR pussy
pajarilla [f] BO flamboyant
pajarilla [f] columbine
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw gold-foot fern
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw golden serpent fern
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw hare-foot fern
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw an epiphytic fern native to tropical and subtropical regions of the americas (polypodium aureum)
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw cabbage palm fern
pajarilla [f] AR:Nw golden polypody
pajarilla [f] BO:E flame tree
pajarilla [f] BO:E a species of flowering plant in the bean family fabaceae, subfamily caesalpinioideae (delonix regia)
pajarilla [f] BO:E flamboyant
pajarilla [f] BO:E royal poinciana
pajarilla [f] BO:E flametree
pajarilla [f] BO:E gold mohar
pajarilla [f] BO:E flame tree

Meanings of "pajarilla" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)

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alegrársele a alguien la pajarilla [v] make someone very happy
salir pajarilla [v] CO:N be wrong
salir pajarilla [v] CO:N disappoint