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Meanings of "robbery" in Spanish English Dictionary : 96 result(s)

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robbery hurto [m]
robbery robo [m]
robbery rapiña [f]
robbery asalto [m]
robbery atraco [m]
robbery asalto [m]
robbery atraco [m]
robbery bolseada [f] MX GT HN SV NI
robbery cachada [f] NI
robbery chalequeada [f] MX rare
robbery filtración [f] PR
robbery güeveada [f] HN SV
robbery destuzada [f] HN
robbery manganía [f] GT
robbery matatusa [f] GT
robbery maturranga [f] NI
robbery pillería [f] PR PE BO UY EC rare
robbery pelada [f] HN
robbery prieta [f] GT
robbery pungueada [f] AR
robbery salidera [f] AR
robbery uñada [f] MX disused
robbery descamisarse [v] HN
robbery afano [m] CU BO AR UY
robbery afane [m] AR UY
robbery latrocinio [m]
robbery bolseo [m] MX
robbery alzamiento [m] HN
robbery apercolle [m] GT SV
robbery cache [m] SV
robbery abigeateo [m] BO rare
robbery chopeo [m] PR teen
robbery choreo [m] VE EC PE BO CL AR
robbery choreo [m] UY rare
robbery hueveo [m] GT
robbery ladrocinio [m] DO
robbery desvalije [m] HN
robbery madrugón [m] SV
robbery ñáquete [m] DO
robbery ñapa [m] MX:Se
robbery ñauñau [m] NI DO
robbery palitroque [m] PR delinq.
robbery pericoteo [m] PE
robbery rabiche [m] HN delinq.
robbery raponazo [m] CO
robbery raponazo [m] EC rare
robbery shacamento [m] AR delinq.
robbery tumbe [m] PR
robbery tiro [m] SV
robbery tacazo [m] NI
robbery trafique [m] SV delinq.
robbery uñazo [m] GT
robbery tarrajazo [m] PR
robbery ladronería [f]
robbery piratería [f]
robbery alzado [m] GT
robbery alce [m] HN SV
robbery ladronicio [m]
robbery rapto [m]
robbery salteo [m]
robbery latrocinio [m]
robbery salteamiento [m]
robbery piano al revés [m] DO teen
robbery ladronera [f]
robbery garrama [f]
robbery coyotada [f] HN
robbery peinada [f] HN NI
robbery punga [f] CL AR UY delinq.
robbery robada [f] MX HN SV CR
robbery facho [m] CU
robbery dorremí [m] AR
robbery macanazo [m] NI
robbery nucazo [m] NI
robbery ñafiteo [m] DO PR
robbery peine [m] HN
robbery recurseo [m] PE
robbery afano [m] AR
robbery choreada [f] BO CL
robbery destusada [f] HN delinq.
robbery tamarindada [f] SV delinq.
robbery jolope [m] PR delinq.
robbery vergazo [m] HN
robbery tamarindazo [m] NI delinq.
robbery sustracción [f]
robbery substracción [f]
robbery piratería [f]
robbery robo [m]
robbery sustracción [f]
robbery despojo [m]
robbery desvalijo [m]
robbery desvalijamiento [m]
robbery asalto [m]
robbery atraco [m]
robbery robo [m]
robbery saqueo [m]
robbery pillaje [m]

Meanings of "robbery" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 113 result(s)

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assault and robbery arrebato [m] CU
assault and robbery arrebatón [m] CU VE
robbery with violence rapiña [f]
a friend who assists a thief in a robbery abanderada [f] SV
person who watches and warns the thief if someone is coming (robbery) bandera [f] HN SV
massive robbery barrida [f] HN NI
place where a robbery is planned mesa [f] PR delinq.
home-invasion robbery monra [f] CL delinq.
home-invasion robbery monra [f] PE BO
place selected for a robbery placita [f] PR delinq.
robbery spree robadera [f] MX HN SV NI CR PA CU PE
robbery spree robancina [f] HN
assisting a robbery tranca [f] SV
accomplice in a robbery tranca [f] SV
commit robbery robar [v]
hand over the proceeds of a robbery to someone descargar [v] SV jail
commit home-invasion robbery monrear [v] BO:W
a friend who assists a thief in a robbery or a crime abanderado [m] SV
grave robbery guaqueo [m] CAM
robbery in which the robber violently takes something arrebato [m] CU AR
robbery in which the robber violently takes something arrebatón [m] NI VE
robbery in which the robber violently takes something and runs away with it arranchón [m] PE
robbery planned by the owner of a business to get his/her own business robbed and get paid by the insurance company autoasalto [m] GT HN NI VE CL
person who watches and warns the thief if someone is coming (robbery) banderín [m] HN
violent robbery arrebato [m] CU AR
violent robbery arrebatón [m] NI VE
street thief (running after committing robbery) caballo loco [m] PY
robbery in which the thief waits for the victim to leave the bank after withdrawing money and then threatens the victim with a firearm fleteo [m] CO
robbery in which thieves follow the victim out of the bank when they carry cash and assault them fleteo [m] CO
hidden robbery gavetazo [m] GT HN
assault and robbery cogoteo [m] PE BO CL
vice of robbery ladronismo [m] HN SV
home-invasion robbery monrazo [m] BO:W
police implicated in a robbery poliladrón [m] AR UY rare
loot from armed robbery recupere [m] NI
knife for robbery resto [m] HN teen
target of a robbery sitio de partida [m] DO PR delinq.
place of a planned robbery solar [m] PR police
large scale robbery tarrayazo [m] PR
ruse that an accomplice of a robbery does to distract the victim tranque [m] BO:W delinq.
highway robbery robo a mano armada
robbery or theft of cattle or horses or any livestock arreada [f] AR MX
highway robbery atraco [m]
frequent and systematic robbery latrocinio [m]
highway robbery salteamiento [m]
commit highway robbery saltear [v]
be a daylight robbery ser un robo [v]
be highway robbery ser un robo [v]
plan a robbery dar uso al cerebro [v] PR
avoid robbery no dejar que se lleven la milpa [v] SV
be the victim of a robbery correr pato [v] GT
atm robbery robo con arrastre [m] CL delinq.
robbery by breaking through a window robo de cachetada [m] MX
robbery by breaking through the roof robo de coscorrón [m] MX
robbery involving pulling an atm machine out of the wall robo con arrastre [m] CL delinq.
daylight robbery robo a la luz del día
daylight robbery asalto a la luz del día
daylight robbery atraco a la luz del día
it's daylight robbery es un timo manifiesto
victim of a robbery or an assault maraguata [f] PR delinq.
assailant who makes use of weapons, usually with the intention of committing a robbery jalopero (inglés holdup) [m] US
victim of a robbery or an assault maraguato [m] PR delinq.
loot from armed robbery recurso [m] PE delinq.
assault or robbery using intimidation cuelga de ajo [loc/nom] CL
it's a daylight robbery! ¡a robar de la apacheta! [loc/interj] BO:W
it's a daylight robbery! ¡a robar a la apacheta! [loc/interj] BO:W
during the robbery durante el atraco
highway robbery estafa
what a robbery! qué timo!
a highway robbery un robo a mano armada
an armed robbery un robo a mano armada
what were you doing at the time of the bank robbery ¿qué hacían ustedes a la hora que robaron el banco?
this is a robbery! ¡esto es un robo!
constant and repeated robbery güeveadera [f] HN SV
constant and repeated robbery güeveancina [f] HN SV
robbery done by a lanza lanzazo [m] CL
quick highway robbery committed by taking advantage of the victim being distracted escapazo [m] CL jail
robbery committed by breaking in generally while the homeowners are away escruche [m] AR UY jail
victim of a robbery ganso [m] SV delinq.
loot obtained in a robbery guisado [m] PR delinq.
loot obtained in a robbery guiso [m] PR delinq.
atm robbery by pulling out from wall laceo [m] CL delinq.
it's a daylight robbery! ¡es un timo!
bank robbery bancazo [m] MX
robbery insurance seguro contra robos
insurance against robbery seguro de robo
violent robbery rapiña [f] UY
highway robbery salteo [m]
armed robbery asalto a mano armada
bank robbery asalto de un banco
bank robbery atraco de un banco
armed robbery atraco a mano armada
home-invasion robbery robo con invasión de domicilio
robbery with violence robo a mano armada
simple robbery robo sin agravantes
highway robbery asalto con intimidación o fuerza
robbery attempt tentativa de robo
aggravated robbery robo agravado
armed robbery robo a mano armada
highway robbery asalto en o cerca de caminos
insurance against robbery seguro contra robo
robbery insurance seguro contra robos
armed robbery robo a mano armada
organised or armed robbery robos organizados o a mano armada
attempted robbery conato de robo
robbery division unidad de patrimonio de la fiscalía general de la nación CO
armed robbery asalto a mano armada
armed robbery robo a mano armada
aggravated robbery robo agravado PR
aggravated robbery robo calificado
attempted robbery robo en grado de tentativa
robbery in a public place salteo [m]
robbery insurance seguro contra el robo