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Meanings of "robust" in Spanish English Dictionary : 65 result(s)

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robust robusto [adj]
robust inquebrantable [adj]
robust válido [adj]
robust robusta [adj/f]
robust válida [adj/f]
robust roblizo [adj]
robust fuerte [adj]
robust fortacho [adj] CL AR UY
robust mastuco [adj] BO:E
robust macana [adj] DO
robust maceteado [adj] PE BO CL
robust macuco [adj] SV CR CU EC PE BO:E AR:Nw disused
robust morochudo [adj] SV
robust papeado [adj] CU VE EC
robust roco [adj] AR:Nw rur.
robust remachado [adj] BO
robust zollenco [adj] MX
robust carne de perro [loc/adj] CL
robust hembruda [adj/f] VE:W
robust macizo
robust envaronar [v] rare
robust robustecer [v]
robust atlético [adj]
robust doble [adj]
robust forcejudo [adj]
robust fornido [adj]
robust entero [adj]
robust frescachón [adj]
robust nervoso [adj]
robust membrudo [adj]
robust macho [adj]
robust rollizo [adj]
robust recio [adj]
robust toroso [adj]
robust trabado [adj]
robust valiente [adj]
robust terete [adj] rare
robust tieso [adj]
robust nervudo [adj]
robust recia [adj/f]
robust entera [adj/f]
robust rolliza [adj/f]
robust membruda [adj/f]
robust forcejuda [adj/f]
robust fornida [adj/f]
robust atlética [adj/f]
robust frescachona [adj/f]
robust nervosa [adj/f]
robust tiesa [adj/f]
robust torosa [adj/f]
robust trabada [adj/f]
robust nervuda [adj/f]
robust vigoroso [adj]
robust vigorosa [adj/f]
robust lomudo [adj] MX BO
robust macucón [adj] PE
robust maceta [adj] PE
robust maiceado [adj] GT SV VE
robust morocho [adj] EC PE:N
robust papiado [adj] PR VE EC
robust ponchado [adj] MX GT
robust tuco [adj] EC teen
robust chicorro [m]
robust resistente [adj]
robust robusto [adj]

Meanings of "robust" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 55 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
tall and robust woman ursa [f] AR UY disused
become robust robustecerse [v]
become robust volverse robusto [v]
having a heavy and robust build atravesado [adj] EC:S disused
strong and robust (man) apellinado [adj] CL:S
very tall and robust caballota [adj] PA CU derog.
having robust and well-formed legs (person) changón [adj] EC
having robust and well-formed legs (person) changonazo [adj] EC:S rare
robust (person) cholo [adj] SV
robust and strong (person) cuajado [adj] CO
strong and robust pencón [adj] CR rare
strong and robust pulsudo [adj] AR:Nw
tall and robust tololoncón [adj] NI
robust man working as a security guard in public patovica [m] AR UY
robust person socotroco [m] AR UY
tall and robust man urso [m] AR UY disused
robust and clumsy person zocotroco [m] UY derog.
robust short man with indigenous features tape [m] AR UY rur.
very tall and robust person caballota [m/f] PA CU derog.
robust well formed legs tucas [f/pl] CR
strong and robust duro como un ausubo [loc/adj] PR
tall, robust person jayana [f]
make robust enrobustecer [v]
strong robust doblado [adj]
robust (animals) trepado [adj]
hale (healthy; robust; vigorous; sound) fuerte [adj]
tall, robust person jayán [m]
young and robust labourer mozallón [m]
strong robust doblada [adj/f]
robust (animals) trepada [adj/f]
enjoy good health and be strong or robust criarse con leche de burra [v] DO
be beautiful with a robust body ser de buenos masangos [v] VE:E
wearing very tight clothing, due to being fat or robust hecho un trinquete [loc/adj] EC
be in robust health tener una salud de hierro [v]
with a robust and strapping body (person) cuerpudo [adj] DO BO AR:Nw
robust (person) fisicudo [adj] BO
tall and robust man macancán [m] CO
robust woman with an attractive figure cuerazo [m] SV
robust economy economía robusta
robust quality calidad total
robust control control robusto
minimax robust estimator estimación robusta minimax
robust estimators estimadores robustos
Marine Biology
a river fish with a robust body with a pronounced arch on the back, trapezoidal fins, and a silvery color guavina [f] PE
robust sea moss cayado robusto
robust bobtail squid sepiola robusta
robust clubhook squid lurión máximo
robust tuskfish vieja robusta
robust white-eye anteojitos robusto
robust woodpecker picamaderos robusto
robust engine motor solido
robust clubhook squid lurión máximo
robust bobtail globito grande
robust chimpanzee chimpancé [m]
robust wine vino robusto