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Meanings of "whipping" in Spanish English Dictionary : 99 result(s)

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whipping flagelación [f]
whipping hostigamiento [m]
whipping azotamiento [m]
whipping paliza [f]
whipping chicoteo [m] AR MX
whipping escurribanda [f]
whipping vuelta [f]
whipping vapulación [f]
whipping chasqueador [adj]
whipping azotador [adj]
whipping latigazo [m]
whipping vapulamiento [m]
whipping vapuleamiento [m]
whipping zurriagazo [m]
whipping vapuleo [m]
whipping chasqueadora [adj/f]
whipping azotadora [adj/f]
whipping bejuqueada [f] MX HN SV NI EC:W rur.
whipping biaba [f] AR UY CL rare
whipping azotada [f] MX NI
whipping cuerada [f] HN SV NI
whipping cuereada [f] CR disused rur.
whipping cuereada [f] PE rare
whipping cuereada [f] MX GT HN NI PA VE BO
whipping cueriza [f] MX PA CU CO VE EC PE BO
whipping cuerera [f] PA
whipping chilillada [f] MX:Se HN NI CR
whipping chicoteada [f] GT HN PE BO
whipping chicoteadura [f] BO
whipping chirleada [f] EC
whipping chicota [f] HN rur.
whipping foetiza [f] PR
whipping fuetiza [f] DO PR
whipping fueteada [f] GT NI EC CR disused
whipping fueteada [f] NI rur.
whipping fuetiza [f] DO PR
whipping huasqueadura [f] BO derog.
whipping huasca [f] BO:W,C
whipping huasqueada [f] BO
whipping latigueada [f] AR:Nw rur.
whipping latigueada [f] MX EC PE BO
whipping limpia [f] CO:N
whipping laceada [f] MX AR:Nw rur.
whipping mecatiza [f] MX
whipping monda [f] MX disused
whipping mondá [f] PR
whipping apaleada [f] NI CO EC
whipping pela [f] US MX NI CU DO PR CO VE
whipping pela [f] PA rare
whipping rejera [f] PA CO
whipping sazonada [f] CU
whipping sosquileada [f] MX:Se
whipping talegueada [f] SV
whipping trilla [f] CO:C VE CL rare
whipping trilla [f] PR
whipping talegaceada [f] GT
whipping tranquiza [f] MX EC
whipping turra [f] PR
whipping fustigamiento [m]
whipping chislazo [m] PA
whipping chilillazo [m] HN SV NI CR
whipping chirlazo [m] BO UY
whipping chinchorrazo [m] NI PA
whipping chuchazo [m] CU DO VE
whipping chirrionazo [m] MX HN SV NI
whipping coyundazo [m] NI
whipping látigo [m] PA rur.
whipping látigo [m] PE
whipping lonjazo [m] BO:E,W AR rur.
whipping mecapalazo [m] GT
whipping mecatazo [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR VE
whipping planazo [m] VE
whipping pialazo [m] GT SV
whipping rejazo [m] NI CR CO
whipping rejazo [m] PA rur.
whipping rejo [m] PA
whipping sosquín [m] MX:Se
whipping toletazo [m] MX HN NI PA CU CO:N VE EC BO
whipping tranca [m] CU
whipping vetazo [m] EC
whipping foetazo [m/f] DO PR
whipping azotaina [f]
whipping latigazos [m/pl]
whipping guasqueada [f]
whipping cajcheadura [f] BO
whipping cuera [f] PE BO
whipping cuereada [f] EC
whipping muenda [f] CO VE:W
whipping galopeado [m]
whipping chirlo [m] BO AR UY
whipping chirlo [m] CL rare
whipping latazo [m] DO
whipping tranque [m] CU
whipping azotes [m/pl]
whipping falcaceadura [f]
whipping sacudida [f]
whipping falaceado [m]
whipping batimiento [m]
whipping batido [m]

Meanings of "whipping" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 35 result(s)

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severe whipping/spanking azotada [f]
whipping-top peonza [f]
deserving a whipping azotable [adj]
whipping given by jail prisoners to newcomers culebrazo [m]
public whipping azotes [m/pl] disused
whipping top peonza [f]
whipping with a belt cinchaceada [f] GT HN SV NI
flogging whipping reatiza [f] MX
punish by whipping (person/animal) chilillar [v] SV CR
punish by whipping (person/animal) achilillar [v] SV
punish by whipping latigar [v] AR EC rare
punish by whipping latiguear [v] HN EC PE BO AR:Nw
whipping its tail when instigated rabiador [adj] CU
pistol whipping borazo [m] SV
barracks punishment that consists in whipping someone while their feet and fingers remain on the ground gandi [m] HN
flogging whipping rebencazo [m] PA
whipping with a rope sogazo [m] MX CU UY
whipping-top trompa [f]
without whipping out one's penis sin zacatear la yegua [adv] SV
get a whipping estar hecho un nazareno [v]
whipping boy chivo expiatorio
a whipping boy cabeza de turco
a whipping boy chivo expiatorio
the whipping boy el cabeza de turco
the whipping boy el chivo expiatorio
ass-whipping paliza
cable whipping fuetazo [m]
cable whipping latigazo [m]
whipping cream crema para batir
Nursing Terms
whipping top trompo [m]
whipping (a belt) vapuleo [m]
whipping twine piolilla [f]
shock load whipping sacudida [f]
whipping cream crema batida
whipping cream crema chantilly