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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "bolearse" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 22 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
bolearse [v] SCN turn upside down
bolearse [v] feel ashamed
bolearse [v] SCN turn around
bolearse [v] be in shame
bolearse [v] be ashamed
bolearse [v] AR UY rear up
bolearse [v] NI shirk
bolearse [v] MX be a shoe shiner
bolearse [v] AR UY rear
bolearse [v] CO be out of control
bolearse [v] VE:W get rich suddenly and effortlessly
bolearse [v] NI shun
bolearse [v] NI dodge
bolearse [v] MX polish one's own shoes
bolearse [v] PY AR UY become confused
bolearse [v] AR UY experience dizziness or a dulling of the senses
bolearse [v] AR UY buck (horse)
bolearse [v] VE:W become rich quickly and effortlessly
bolearse [v] AR UY feel dizzy
bolearse [v] PY AR UY get confused
bolearse [v] PY AR UY be stunned
bolearse [v] AR UY get sick