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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "excrement" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 73 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
excrement excremento [m]
excrement cagada [f]
excrement frez [f]
excrement freza [f]
excrement mierda [f]
excrement estiércol [m]
excrement seceso [m]
excrement heces [f/pl]
excrement deyección [f]
excrement materia fecal [f]
excrement hez [f]
excrement buñiga [f] SV NI rur.
excrement canica [f] DO rur.
excrement ñola [f] CO:W
excrement ñaña [f] HN NI CR rur.
excrement meca [f] BO
excrement pila [f] DO child
excrement pocha [f] BO
excrement popó [m]
excrement popó [m] MX GT CO
excrement ñeñe [m] HN NI
excrement miércole [m] AR
excrement puchi [m] BO:E
excrement puf [m] GT child
excrement pupú [m] HN SV NI CR PA DO VE child
excrement sorongo [m] AR UY
excrement surullo [m] DO AR:W CL
excrement aca [f] BO AR
excrement acatanca [f] BO
excrement aguas mayores [f/pl]
excrement caca [f]
excrement meca [f] CL
excrement cacona [f] AR:Nw UY
excrement cacuca [f] CL
excrement cacarela [f] AR
excrement miéchica [f] BO
excrement miéchica [f] CL rare
excrement miércoles [f] UY
excrement miesca [f] AR:Nw
excrement sica [f] DO
excrement ¡miércole! [interj] PA
excrement miércoles [m] GT SV NI CR PA VE EC PE BO CL PY
excrement miscua [m] MX:Nw rare
excrement pastel [m] CL rare
excrement popis [m] GT
excrement popó [m] MX GT NI CO EC BO
excrement popó [m] UY AR child
excrement aca [f] BO:Nw rare rur.
excrement aca [f] AR:Nw rare rur.
excrement fete [f] DO derog.
excrement fruta [f] MX teen
excrement fula [f] PR
excrement cuacha [f] MX
excrement ñoña [f] PR VE EC:W
excrement ñex [f] PA
excrement ñecs [f] PA
excrement ñinga (bantú) [f] PA CU DO PR
excrement ñisca [f] SV CR
excrement ñusa [f] NI
excrement zurra [f] VE
excrement cacal [adj] SV rare
excrement cerote [m] CR SV GT NI
excrement sorete [m] PY AR UY
excrement zorete [m] AR
excrement cerote [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR AR
excrement sorongo [m] AR UY
excrement zorongo [m] AR
excrement churrete [m] PE
excrement ñungo [m] SV
excrement mierda
excrement excremento [m]
excrement defecación [f]
excrement faceta [f]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "excrement" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 58 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
excrement of dogs canina [f]
void excrement excrementar [v]
eject excrement excretar [v]
solid excrement mojón [m]
human excrement zurullo [m]
human excrement caca [f]
voiding excrement defecación [f]
sawdust left on the floor for months that is mixed with animal excrement and used as fertilizer burucha [f] CR
bird excrement cuita [f] MX HN NI CR PA
human excrement cuita [f] MX NI
human excrement cica [f] DO
bird excrement chilila [f] VE:W
human excrement chimuchina [f] HN
human excrement chichina [f] HN
excrement of some animals chicuca [f] VE:W
goat excrement chirola [f] HN rur.
human excrement in the form of a ball chirola [f] HN rur.
human excrement in the form of a ball chirola [f] HN rur.
portion of excrement cantada [f] GT NI
excrement of some animals, especially dogs cañiña [f] PR
dried cow excrement huacacara [f] PE:S rur.
cattle, sheep, or rat excrement hucha [f] PE:S
cow excrement jumbacá [f] BO:N,E
human excrement piña [f] SV
segment of excrement porra [f] EC
expel excrement from the anus cuitear [v] HN rare
expel excrement from the anus cuitear [v] NI CR PA
step in excrement cortarse [v] DO PR
mess with excrement poposear [v] CO
place where excrement of cattle is collected bostero [m] VE
human excrement chacualole (del náhuatl) [m] MX
poultry excrement jumbarayú [m] BO:E,S rur.
place covered in excrement ñoñero [m] PR
illness among newborn children, known for the blue-green color of the excrement mucle [m] HN
illness among newborn children, known for the blue-green color of the excrement pujo [m] PA
smell of excrement olor a remedio [m] CL
child's excrement puche [m] SV
goat excrement testarruco [m] HN
human excrement uti [m] AR:Nw rur.
pile of human or dog excrement zorete [m] AR
pile of human or dog excrement zorongo [m] AR
human excrement zurrullo [m] SV
goat excrement carajón [m] HN
animal excrement sirre [m] MX:Nw rur.
animal excrement on public road vidrio inglés [m] CU DO
human excrement zulla [f]
human or animal excrement feca [f] CL
dried excrement poneca [f] HN rur.
excrement in the form of a lump bojote [m] HN rur.
smell of excrement olor a bosque [m] CL
number two (excrement) aguas mayores
voluminous excrement or group of stools cerotada [f] HN SV NI
relating to excrement mierdero [adj] NI
place filled with excrement cacal [m] SV rare
human excrement in the form of a ball chipuste [m] SV
place full of excrement mierdero [m] HN CR PR
animal excrement excremento animal
human excrement deyecciones humanas