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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "guaracha" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 17 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
guaracha [f] quarrel
guaracha [f] folk dance
guaracha [f] party
guaracha [f] CU PR kind of spanish clog-dance
guaracha [f] BO sandal
guaracha [f] GT derog. old, ugly, or low quality shoe
guaracha [f] SV rare crude leather sandal
guaracha [f] SV roll made from whole wheat flour, egg, and sugar
guaracha [f] HN small cake or cookie with irregular edges made of whole wheat flour, egg yolk, and sugar
guaracha [f] BO flip-flop
guaracha [f] SV old and worn-out machete
guaracha [f] BO hawaiian sandal
guaracha [f] SV prostitute
guaracha [f] SV whore
guaracha [f] PA guaracha musical instrument
guaracha [f] MX GT HN NI PA CU DO PR CO VE CL PE rare popular dance from the antilles danced in pairs
guaracha [f] MX GT HN NI PA CU DO PR CO VE CL music and song that accompanies this dance, with a fast rhythm and variable beat, that describes some political or social event satirically

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Spanisch Englisch
guacha y guaracha [f] CU let's party!
guacha y guaracha [f] CU let's get this party started!