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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "prostitute" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 245 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
prostitute perra [f]
prostitute prostituta [f]
prostitute pisca [f] disused CO
prostitute ramera [f]
prostitute meretriz [f]
prostitute prostituir [v]
prostitute araña [f]
prostitute arrastrada [f] disused
prostitute bagasa [f] rare
prostitute capulina [f] rare
prostitute buscona [f]
prostitute gabasa [f]
prostitute gamberra [f] AND
prostitute gorrona [f]
prostitute maraca [f] derog. CL
prostitute puta [f] derog.
prostitute mujercilla [f]
prostitute mujerzuela [f]
prostitute zorra [f] derog.
prostitute prostituirse [v]
prostitute fulana [f]
prostitute tía [f] PR
prostitute pelandusca [f]
prostitute mujer de la calle [f]
prostitute alegrona [f] NI EC
prostitute alternadora [f] PA
prostitute guaricha  [f] CO EC VE derog.
prostitute atorranta [f] CL rare
prostitute aviadora [f] CL rare
prostitute bataclana [f] CL
prostitute callejera [f] MX GT HN NI PA EC PY VE disused
prostitute culipronta [f] CO
prostitute cuatrera [f] PA
prostitute cuerazo [f] DO
prostitute cuerín [f] PR
prostitute chágara [f] PR
prostitute chascona [f] CL disused derog.
prostitute dama de compañía [f] MX
prostitute dama de la noche [f] NI
prostitute chaborra [f] MX disused rur.
prostitute chilena [f] BO disused
prostitute china [f] DO
prostitute chepa [f] EC derog.
prostitute chintatlahua [f] MX
prostitute chinvarona [f] NI derog.
prostitute entregadora [f] HN derog.
prostitute fleje [f] PR
prostitute cantonera [f] SV derog.
prostitute carretillera [f] CU disused
prostitute güera [f] PR
prostitute guerrillera [f] PR
prostitute garrolilla [f] PR
prostitute fufurufa [f] DO
prostitute huera [f] PR
prostitute geba [f] PR
prostitute jeba [f] PR
prostitute gira [f] AR derog.
prostitute guarandinga [f] VE derog.
prostitute grofa [f] DO disused
prostitute cogiona [f] HN
prostitute colgona [f] SV derog.
prostitute colocha [f] SV
prostitute compañera de la noche [f] CL
prostitute copetinera [f] PE BO
prostitute corre costa [f] PR
prostitute güila [f] MX
prostitute leona [f] HN SV
prostitute jeba [f] PR
prostitute leperuza [f] MX
prostitute jeva [f] PR
prostitute joseadora [f] PR
prostitute loca [f] NI PE BO AR DO PR
prostitute lola [f] SV
prostitute mariñaque [f] PR
prostitute mariposa [f] MX DO PY
prostitute meca [f] EC PE derog.
prostitute monora [f] VE:E disused
prostitute mujer que josea [f] PR
prostitute patín [f] BO:W
prostitute patinadora [f] BO:W delinq.
prostitute patinadora [f] CL
prostitute patrullera [f] NI
prostitute pe [f] GT BO
prostitute pebeta [f] SV
prostitute placera [f] HN
prostitute playa [f] GT SV NI jail
prostitute playera [f] HN
prostitute peperecha [f] GT SV
prostitute pila [f] SV
prostitute pochota [f] SV
prostitute polaca [f] NI
prostitute polaina [f] NI
prostitute pro [f] PR
prostitute rebuscona [f] EC derog.
prostitute puerca [f] SV derog.
prostitute ponchera [f] BO:W delinq.
prostitute ponedora [f] BO:W delinq.
prostitute pulga [f] GT SV
prostitute rabona [f] BO derog.
prostitute pupis [f] SV delinq.
prostitute putona [f] NI CR EC derog.
prostitute ruca (mapuche) [f] PE
prostitute ruletera [f] HN NI
prostitute yegua [f] MX:Nw
prostitute zángana [f] NI derog.
prostitute zumbadora [f] HN
prostitute veintitrés [f] SV
prostitute flojo [adj] HN PR
prostitute fleje [m] PR
prostitute cuerito [m] DO
prostitute chuculún [m] CU PR
prostitute flete [m] PE
prostitute gay [m] PR:Nw
prostitute giro (italiano) [m] AR derog.
prostitute grillo [m] DO
prostitute cohete [m] HN CU
prostitute patín [m/f] CL
prostitute de ambiente [loc/adj] CO UY derog.
prostitute calzones flojos [loc/nom] HN SV NI
prostitute culo alegre [loc/nom] HN
prostitute culo loco [loc/nom] HN
prostitute gancho alegre [loc/nom] NI
prostitute mariposa de la noche [loc/nom] PY
prostitute prostituido [adj]
prostitute mercenario [m]
prostitute prostituida [adj/f]
prostitute zorra [f]
prostitute fufurufa [f] CO
prostitute yira [f] AMER
prostitute ramera [f] derog.
prostitute pecadora [f]
prostitute pobreta [f]
prostitute escaldada [f]
prostitute zurrona [f]
prostitute bolera (inglés) [f] VE:W derog.
prostitute amiga de hacer favores [f] NI EC PY
prostitute bollera [f] PR derog.
prostitute amiga de los ricos [f] CL derog.
prostitute bolloloco [f] VE
prostitute bicha (inglés) [f] CU VE
prostitute brusca [f] SV
prostitute anona [f] SV derog.
prostitute buscadora [f] CU rare
prostitute burdelera [f] HN SV NI derog.
prostitute cuera [f] DO PR BO
prostitute chimbiroca [f] CL disused
prostitute chinga [f] HN
prostitute flauta [f] BO
prostitute carpintera [f] NI teen
prostitute fufa [f] CO derog.
prostitute guaracha [f] SV
prostitute grilla [f] CO:W derog.
prostitute corbeja [f] PR teen
prostitute cuarenta [f] CR rare
prostitute cuaricha [f] PA
prostitute horizontal [f] MX GT rare
prostitute güisa [f] MX:N derog.
prostitute huera [f] PR
prostitute güila [f] MX
prostitute güera [f] PR
prostitute jalona [f] HN derog.
prostitute leandra [f] GT derog.
prostitute máquina de ibm [f] PR
prostitute loba [f] SV PE
prostitute magusi [f] HN teen
prostitute mecona [f] EC:Nw
prostitute mina [f] VE BO delinq.
prostitute minuca [f] BO:W delinq.
prostitute pilla [f] EC:N derog.
prostitute plumífera [f] BO
prostitute piroba [f] CO rare teen
prostitute pisca [f] CO:C derog.
prostitute piscapocha [f] MX rare
prostitute perendenga [f] BO
prostitute polilla [f] PE
prostitute vagamunda [f] CO derog.
prostitute gato [m] AR
prostitute cuero [m] BO derog.
prostitute cuero [m] CU disused
prostitute cuero [m] EC
prostitute firulí [m] CL rare
prostitute pirobo [m] CO rare teen
prostitute mujer de la carrera [loc/nom] CU
prostitute de a tres por el peso [loc/nom] NI derog.
prostitute chica de alterne
prostitute mujerzuela
prostitute mujer pública
prostitute sota [f]
prostitute del rejue [f] MX GT
prostitute del rejuego [f] MX GT
prostitute puta [f]
prostitute retozona [f] MX
prostitute moza de partido [f]
prostitute paloma [f]
prostitute güila [f] MX
prostitute mina [f] AR
prostitute piruja [f] MX
prostitute puta de quinta [f] derog.
prostitute puta [f] derog.
prostitute chusca [f] CL
prostitute bolloloco [f] VE
prostitute camona [f] PR child
prostitute chingada [f] MX
prostitute chuchumeca [f] PE
prostitute flechuda [f] HN
prostitute exprimidora [f] SV
prostitute guaricha [f] CO VE derog.
prostitute guaricha [f] PA rare derog.
prostitute cola [f] BO:C,W
prostitute gumarra [f] DO rare
prostitute huila [f] MX
prostitute jalón [f] HN SV
prostitute mamasanta [f] CO:N derog.
prostitute mancornadora [f] HN derog.
prostitute maraca [f] CL derog.
prostitute mabilera [f] VE disused
prostitute macha [f] GT derog.
prostitute magalla [f] HN
prostitute magaya [f] HN
prostitute matona [f] HN
prostitute meregilda [f] SV
prostitute pluma [f] BO:W
prostitute percanta [f] BO
prostitute ratona [f] PA teen
prostitute rompecatre [f] PE CL
prostitute rompecatres [f] PE CL
prostitute tiznada [f] SV
prostitute cuero [m] DO PR
prostitute cuero [m] DO
prostitute cuero [m] DO PR
prostitute chango [m] UY
prostitute fardo [m] SV derog.
prostitute cortejo [m] PR
prostitute trabajadora sexual
prostitute desaliñada
prostitute perra
prostitute puta
prostitute prostituta
Molecular Biology
prostitute prostituto [m]
prostitute maleta [f]
prostitute maraña [f]
prostitute marca [f]
prostitute marquida [f]
prostitute marquisa [f]
prostitute cisne [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "prostitute" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 144 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
(pejorative vulgar) prostitute puta [f]
turn prostitute prostituir [v]
turn prostitute prostituirse [v]
prostitute [uk] prostituta [f]
female prostitute puta [f]
female prostitute golfa [f]
female prostitute ramera [f]
prostitute in search of clients alka [f] DO PR
prostitute who walks walking on the streets in search of customers bandera [f] BO:W,C rare
prostitute who is a lesbian amiga [f] PR
prostitute who performs fellatio on the side of the highway chupa-chupa [f] CU
prostitute who performs fellatio on the side of the highway chupachupa [f] CU
prostitute who uses a beeper to set dates chicabíper [f] DO
cheap prostitute fichera [f] SV rare
cheap prostitute fichera [f] MX derog.
prostitute, especially with a very large vulva joyona [f] HN SV derog.
sex with a prostitute encerrona [f] BO
prostitute who has a lover enchivada [f] SV
being a street prostitute patinada [f] CL rare
exploitation of a prostitute padrotería [f] MX derog.
old prostitute pellejía [f] NI
female prostitute that drugs her johns to steal from them pepera [f] PE delinq.
old prostitute pro del sesenta [f] PR
cheap prostitute sacasebo [f] PR
old prostitute rilain [f] PR
prostitute who has sex with several men at once remolquera [f] SV
old prostitute that doesn't charge much requemada [f] PR
highway prostitute rutera [f] PY
female prostitute turra [f] NI CR
street prostitute yira [f] AR UY
engage a prostitute ir de putas [v]
prostitute oneself prostituirse [v]
prostitute oneself putear [v]
act as a prostitute actuar como prostituta [v]
become a prostitute convertirse en una prostituta [v]
work as a prostitute camaronear [v] NI
work as a prostitute (woman) changar [v] UY
find a client for the entire night (prostitute) fletar [v] PR
walk the streets in search of clients (prostitute) fletear [v] CU
act as a prostitute comportarse como una prostituta [v]
act as a prostitute ejercer de prostituta [v]
prostitute oneself jinetear [v] CU
working as a prostitute camarón [m] NI
male prostitute chichifo [m] MX
old and cheap prostitute estropajo [m] DO PR
old prostitute cobo [m] PR
disheveled and ugly prostitute cochofle [m] PR
homosexual male prostitute mayate [m] MX
prostitute client pescado [m] PR
male prostitute pepereche [m] SV
male prostitute that drugs his johns to steal from them pepero [m] PE delinq.
old prostitute that doesn't charge much requemo [m] PR
thief who acts as an accomplice with a prostitute schifirunista [m] AR delinq.
male prostitute turro [m] CR
street prostitute yiro (italiano) [m] AR
male prostitute taxi boy [m] PY AR UY
first-time prostitute carne fresca [loc/nom] PR BO
high-class prostitute cuero de cortina [loc/nom] DO
high class prostitute mujer de cortina [loc/nom] DO
harlot (prostitute) pelandusca [f]
slut (prostitute) furcia [f]
common prostitute pendanga [f]
a prostitute bachillera [f] MX
prostitute who performs fellatio on the side of the highway chupa chupa [f] CU
prostitute who walks the streets looking for clients fletera [f] CU derog.
young prostitute moscardona [f] BO:W delinq.
low quality prostitute pesetera [f] EC derog.
military prostitute visitadora [f] PE
(prostitute) walk the streets hacer la calle [v]
(prostitute) streetwalk hacer la calle [v]
prostitute oneself hacer chapas [v]
(prostitute) streetwalk hacer la carrera [v]
(prostitute) walk the streets hacer la carrera [v]
male prostitute chapero [m] ES
a woman that dresses and/or behaves like a prostitute gato [m] AR
a poor and old prostitute bagayo [m] AR UY
old prostitute cuero [m] PR
search for clients on the street by a prostitute fleteo [m] CU
prostitute, especially old or tired and ugly corbejo [m] PR
old prostitute cohete explotado [loc/nom] DO PR
old prostitute cohete quemado [loc/nom] PR
old prostitute cohete explotado [loc/nom] DO PR
be a prostitute ser una fulana [v]
work as a prostitute (woman) agarrar la calle [v] CR
have sex with a prostitute afinar el piano [v] CL
prostitute oneself coger la calle [v] NI CR DO
be a prostitute buscar un billete [v] CU
be a prostitute ganarse un camarón [v] NI
prostitute oneself agarrar la calle [v] CR DO NI
turn a trick (a prostitute) andar buscando su camaroncito [v] NI
try to get a client (a prostitute) andar buscando su camaroncito [v] NI
work as a prostitute buscar un billete [v] CU
be a prostitute dar el pan [v] GT
not pay a prostitute (man) echarle un cubo [v] DO
be a prostitute ganarse un camarón [v] NI
have sex with a client (prostitute) hacer pieza [v] BO
not pay a prostitute echar un cubo [v] DO
be a prostitute tirarse al charral [v] HN
prostitute oneself tirarse al desperdicio [v] PR
traveling prostitute rule [f] MX
traveling prostitute ruletera [f] MX HN NI
traveling prostitute taconera [f] MX
cheap prostitute pesetera [f]
female prostitute trola [f] SA
female prostitute cualquiera [f]
a prostitute bagasa [f] AR
a prostitute bagaseta [f] AR
prostitute who performs fellatio chupapinga [f] PR
prostitute who works at night lechuza [f] BO delinq.
looting of a john by a prostitute muela [f] CL
old prostitute mujer pasá de moda [f] PR
young or adolescent prostitute muñeca [f] PR
low quality prostitute pesetera [f] BO
high-end prostitute puta de borolín [f] PR
high-end prostitute puta de caché [f] PR
old prostitute puta de sesenta [f] PR
street prostitute yiranta [f] AR derog.
street prostitute yiranta [f] UY rare derog.
street prostitute talonera [f] MX
attend a prostitute putañear [v]
attend a prostitute putear [v]
look for a prostitute ir de mujerío [v]
prostitute oneself prostituirse [v]
prostitute oneself ejercer la prostitución [v]
work as a prostitute cuerear [v] DO PR
be a prostitute maraquear [v] CL
related to a child of a prostitute barcino [adj] SV
young male prostitute putito [m]
young male prostitute lolito [m]
male prostitute chichifo [m] MX
client who always chooses the same prostitute pargo estéril [m] PR
old prostitute pellejo [m] PR
ugly prostitute pellejo [m] PR
client that pays a prostitute well puerquito [m] PR
young male prostitute lolitos [m/pl]
young male prostitute putitos [m/pl]
related to a child of a prostitute barcina [adj/f] SV
relating to a child of a prostitute hijo de barcino [loc/adj] SV
rookie prostitute material nuevo [loc/nom] PR
old prostitute mujer de la vieja guardia [loc/nom] PR
young male prostitute taxi boy
young male prostitute taxi boys
patronizing a prostitute usar servicios de una prostituta
prostitute trafficking proxenetismo [m]