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pork sausage


Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "pork sausage" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 7 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
pork sausage longaniza [f]
pork sausage bondiola [f] AR UY
pork sausage chancho [m] CL
pork sausage carnes frías [f/pl] BO
pork sausage chorizo [m]
pork sausage butifarra [f]
pork sausage chimichurri [m] DO

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "pork sausage" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 35 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
hard pork sausage chorizo [m]
spreadable spicy pork sausage typical of the balearic islands sobrasada [f]
long pork sausage longaniza [f]
stew made of beans pork sausage and bacon fabada [f]
kind of pork sausage from catalonia butifarra [f]
sausage made of pork and spices which is grilled debrecina [f] AR
restaurant where chorizo (spicy pork sausage) is the specialty choricería [f] BO
fund-raising or friendly gathering where grilled chorizo (spicy pork sausage) sandwiches (choripanes) are served choripanada [f] CL rare
sausage of cooked pork jamón vicking [m] PE
highly spiced pork sausage chorizo
sausage of pork lights and lungs bofena [f] rur. rare
sausage of pork lights and lungs bohena [f]
a type of pork sausage butifarra [f]
choice pork sausage longaniza [f]
sausage of pork lights and lungs boheña [f]
pork sausage/salami embuchado [m]
eat chorizo (spicy pork sausage) choricear [v] PY
minced pork sausage embuchado [m]
thin pork sausage salchicha [f]
black pork sausage morcilla [f]
meal with chorizo (spicy pork sausage) as the main or only dish choriceada [f] BO PY AR UY
thick pork sausage gorda [f] CL
pork sausage seasoned with salt and abundant paprika sopresata [f] AR UY
grilled chorizo (spicy pork sausage) sandwich choripán [m] US SV PA EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
dish consisting of fried chorizo (pork sausage) with salad and bread soaked in the same oil used to fry the chorizo chorizo chuquisaqueño [m] BO
sausage made of pork, beef, and shredded pork skin, which is eaten boiled or grilled codeguín [m] AR UY
seasoned and cooked homemade pork sausage enrollado [m] BO PY
chorizo spicy pork sausage sandwich pancho [m] PY
cured pork sausage lomo curado
catalan pork sausage with wild mushrooms butifarra con setas
cured pork sausage chorizo
catalan pork sausage and white bean omelette tortilla a la catalana
catalan pork sausage and white bean omelette tortilla de butifarra con judías
catalan pork sausage with garlic mayonnaise butifarra con alioli
cured pork sausage salchichón [m]