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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "chanfaina" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 19 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
chanfaina [f] ragout made of offal
chanfaina [f] NI EC PE BO hodgepodge
chanfaina [f] HN trouble
chanfaina [f] HN mess
chanfaina [f] CO work or job
chanfaina [f] NI disordered explanation of a topic
chanfaina [f] NI EC PE BO mishmash
chanfaina [f] NI EC PE BO jumble
chanfaina [adj] NI of poor quality (thing)
chanfaina [f] MX stew made of pig lungs, liver, and heart
chanfaina [f] BO CL AR:Nw dish prepared by frying animal blood with finely chopped entrails, and onion, chili pepper, black peppers, vinegar, and lime or wine
chanfaina [f] MX:Se stew prepared with rice and mincemeat of beef entrails
chanfaina [f] CO dish prepared with lamb or mutton
chanfaina [f] EC stew prepared with pig entrails and pork, vegetables, and potatoes
chanfaina [f] GT fried beef stomach and entrails
chanfaina [f] HN NI PA dish prepared by mixing or stirring together several items of food, especially pig entrails, that are generally eaten separately
chanfaina [f] SV:E stew prepared with pork or beef and finely chopped vegetables
chanfaina [f] GT thick sauce prepared with ground entrails, green tomato, green chili peppers, and seasoned with cumin, garlic, oregano, and annatto
chanfaina [f] NI dish prepared with pig head

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Spanisch Englisch
convertir en chanfaina [v] HN kill a person or animal
convertir en chanfaina [v] HN snuff out
convertir en chanfaina [loc/v] HN kill a person or animal