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ugly person


Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "ugly person" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 24 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
ugly person petardo [m]
ugly person sierpe [f]
ugly person sierpe [f] fig.
ugly person alicreja (despectivo) [f] CR disused
ugly person (ser un) coco [m]
ugly person alicrejo (despectivo) [m] CR disused
ugly person bicharraco [m] CU
ugly person bute [m/f] SV
ugly person pedrada [m/f] HN
ugly person malartosa [f] VE:W
ugly person muérgana [f] EC derog.
ugly person ñoja [f] BO:W derog.
ugly person pescado [m]
ugly person energúmeno [m] CL
ugly person moscorrofio [m] CO:C derog.
ugly person muérgano [m] EC derog.
ugly person pichete [m] HN derog.
ugly person sijú [m] CU derog.
ugly person lechuzo [m/f]
ugly person garra [m/f] MX HN SV
ugly person inmetible [m/f] CU
ugly person imbunche [m/f] CL:S
ugly person moco [m/f] VE
ugly person cara de poto [m/f] CL

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "ugly person" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 59 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
bad-tempered, ugly, cunning person diablo [m] fig.
particularly ugly person moscorrofio [m] CO HN
very ugly person feúra [f] VE
ugly and unhealthy person escurrunfia [f] SV
ugly and unhealthy person escurrufia [f] GT
(for a person) that likes ugly people bagayero [adj] AR
ugly (person) cucufato [adj] PR
ugly or unpleasant (person) cucusa [adj] DO
ugly (person) caquirrí [adj] DO
quite ugly (person) feón [adj] MX DO
exceedingly ugly (person) cocoríaco [adj] PR
excessively ugly (person) cocorioco [adj] CU PR
very ugly person cardo [m]
an ugly person mico [m]
a very ugly person bagarto [m] AR UY
(for a person) ugly babillo [m] CO
very ugly person bofe [m] AR
person with an ugly and unpleasant aspect escracho [m] AR UY derog.
ugly and unhealthy person escurrufio [m] GT
ugly and unhealthy person escurrunfio [m] SV
very ugly person cómeme [m] DO PR derog.
very ugly person monicongo [m] PA
ugly and dumb person monorote [m] HN child
very ugly person vómito [m] NI PR AR UY derog.
fat and ugly person bojote [m/f] DO PR VE derog.
fat and ugly person bojote [m/f] CO:C derog.
very ugly person cocomecome [m/f] DO
(for a person) that likes ugly people bagayera [adj/f] AR
exceedingly ugly (female person) cocoríoca [adj/f] CU PR
ugly (person) feo con ganas de buscarse los frijoles [loc/adj] CU
very ugly (person) feo con velocidad [loc/adj] CU
extremely ugly (person) más feo que el agua de coco [loc/adj] PR
ugly as sin (person) más feo que el agua de coco [loc/adj] PR
ugly as sin (person) feo con velocidad [loc/adj] CU
ugly as sin (person) coco macaco [loc/adj] CU PR
an ugly person callo malayo
an ugly, hard-featured person carantamaula [f]
an ugly person visión [f]
(for a person) ugly person babilla [f] CO
ugly person or thing gurria [f] CO
be a very ugly person ser un callo [v]
(for a person) that likes ugly people bagrero [adj] EC AR
ugly (person) feodoro [adj] CU
an ugly person callo [m]
a tall, lean, ugly person fariseo [m]
an ugly, repulsive person bicharraco [m]
a large, fleshless, ugly, withered person zancarrón [m]
sluggish/ugly little person zoquete [m]
an ugly person bagayo  [m] AR
a thing or person that is ugly escracho  [m] AR
ugly or weird person bicharraco [m] CU
very ugly person bagre [m] GT SV PA CU VE EC PE BO AR UY HN rare
ugly or ridiculous looking person motrocolo [m] DO
ugly and fat person rococo [m] BO:E
fat, ugly person bojote [m/f] DO PR CO:C VE
(for a person) that likes ugly people bagrera [adj/f] EC AR
a very ugly person aborto [m]
an old short and ugly person caite CR
ugly-looking person sierpe [f]