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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "witchcraft" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 20 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
witchcraft brujería [f]
witchcraft hechicería [f]
witchcraft salamanca [f] AR
witchcraft santería [f]
witchcraft maleficio [m]
witchcraft hechizo [m]
witchcraft aojadura [f]
witchcraft jorguinería [f]
witchcraft aojamiento [m]
witchcraft ebora [f] CU
witchcraft macalusia [f] PA
witchcraft burundanga [f] CU
witchcraft macandú [f] PR
witchcraft budú [m] PR
witchcraft fufú maneco [m] PR
witchcraft imbunche [m] CL:S
witchcraft arte [m] CL:S rur.
witchcraft amapuche [m] VE:E
witchcraft sortilegio [m]
witchcraft macuá [m] NI CR PA

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "witchcraft" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 23 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
harm by witchcraft maleficiar [v]
practice witchcraft brujear [v]
injuring others by witchcraft maléfico [adj]
relating to witchcraft hechiceresco [adj]
relating to witchcraft, magic brujesco [adj]
injuring others by witchcraft maléfica [adj/f]
relating to witchcraft hechiceresca [adj/f]
relating to witchcraft, magic brujesca [adj/f]
a set of practices used in divination and witchcraft ahuizotería [f] NI
a witchcraft fetish or charm made of black tape with seven knots, each one of which has a different perfume and is associated with a thought having to do with a work goal cinta de siete nudos [f] PR
dominate or control somebody with witchcraft and potions bajear [v] CU DO VE:W
harm a person with witchcraft ambular [v] VE:C
harmed by witchcraft ambilado [adj] VE
fetish used in witchcraft with the image of a black person walking that helps open paths eleguá [m] PR
full control over a person (witchcraft) amarre de palo [m] CU
used in witchcraft chamico (del quechua) [m] PE
person dedicated to witchcraft or sorcery espirituista [m/f] VE:W
make someone fall in love through witchcraft tener curado [v] HN
practice witchcraft echar un fufú [v] PR
remove the dangers, obstacles or curses of a person caused by the witchcraft of an enemy or deity abrir los caminos [v] CU
seduce someone using magic/witchcraft darle agua de culo [v] HN NI
seduce someone using magic/witchcraft dar agua de calzón [v] HN
in afro-caribbean witchcraft, a wizard in charge of cults and rites babalao [m] PA CU DO PR VE