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Meanings of "ancient" in German English Dictionary : 16 result(s)

English German
ancient antik [adj]
ancient alt [adj]
ancient aus der Mottenkiste [adj]
ancient uralt [adj]
ancient steinalt [adj]
ancient Ur... [adj]
ancient archaisch [adj]
ancient altertümlich [adj]
ancient ehemalig [adj]
ancient steinalt [adj]
ancient alt [adj]
ancient altertümlich [adj]
ancient aus der Antike stammend [adj]
ancient antik [adj]
ancient sehr alt
ancient antik [adj]

Meanings of "ancient" in English German Dictionary : 184 result(s)

English German
ancient Greek altgriechisch [adj]
ancient history Frühgeschichte [f]
ancient castle alte Burg [f]
preservation of ancient monuments Denkmalpflege [f]
ancient world Antike [f]
the ancient world Antike [f]
ancient architecture historische Architektur [f]
ancient civilization historische Zivilisation [f]
ancient geography alte Geographie [f]
ancient incan civilization alte Inka-Zivilisation [f]
ancient writing alte Schrift [f]
ancient wisdom alte Weisheit [f]
ancient wisdom alte Tradition [f]
ancient city alte Stadt [f]
ancient time alte Zeit [f]
ancient civilization alte Zivilisation [f]
ancient time frühere Zeit [f]
ancient architecture antike Architektur [f]
ancient incan civilization antike Inka-Zivilisation [f]
ancient regime antike Ordnung [f]
ancient battle antike Schlacht [f]
amos ancient city antike Stadt Amos [f]
ancient city antike Stadt [f]
ancient writing antike Schrift [f]
ancient wisdom antike Weisheit [f]
ancient civilization antike Zivilisation [f]
ancient nobility Uradel [m]
ancient headstone alter Grabstein [m]
ancient treasure alter Schatz [m]
ancient west alter Westen [m]
ancient headstone antiker Grabstein [m]
ancient west antiker Westen [m]
ancient jewelry antiker Schmuck [m]
ancient will antiker Wille [m]
key of life (ancient Egyptian hieroglyph) Anch [n]
bacchanal (wine festival in ancient Rome) Bacchanal [n]
the ancient world Altertum [n]
ancient Persia persisches Altertum [n]
key of life (ancient Egyptian hieroglyph) Anch-Symbol [n]
ancient customs altes Brauchtum [n]
key of life (ancient Egyptian hieroglyph) Anch-Kreuz (ägypt. Schleifenkreuzsymbol) [n]
ancient wisdom altes Wissen [n]
ancient age vergangenes Zeitalter [n]
ancient athens antikes Athen [n]
ancient egypt antikes Ägypten [n]
ancient coins antikes Hartgeld [n]
ancient regime antikes Regime [n]
ancient theater Antiktheater [n]
ancient-rome antikes Rom [n]
ancient coins antikes Münzgeld [n]
ancient time antikes Zeitalter [n]
ancient age antikes Zeitalter [n]
ancient theater antikes Theater [n]
uncover the ruins of an ancient city die Ruinen einer antiken Stadt freilegen [v]
ancient customs alte Bräuche [pl]
ancient civilizations historische Zivilisationen [pl]
ancient greeks alte Griechen [pl]
ancient people alte Menschen [pl]
ancient civilizations alte Zivilisationen [pl]
ancient times alte Zeiten [pl]
ancient greeks Altgriechen [pl]
ancient ages vergangene Zeitalter [pl]
ancient times frühere Zeiten [pl]
ancient monuments antike Denkmäler [pl]
ancient coins antike Geldstücke [pl]
ancient mysteries antike Geheimnisse [pl]
ancient greeks antike Griechen [pl]
ancient people antike Menschen [pl]
ancient jewelry antike Juwelen [pl]
ancient cultures antike Kulturen [pl]
ancient coins antike Münzen [pl]
ancient mysteries antike Mysterien [pl]
ancient monuments antike Monumente [pl]
ancient ships antike Schiffe [pl]
ancient times antike Zeitalter [pl]
ancient ages antike Zeitalter [pl]
ancient civilizations antike Zivilisationen [pl]
ancient ages antike Zeiten [pl]
Cnossos (ancient metropolis in Crete) Knossos (antike Metropole auf Kreta)
ancient art forms antike Kunst
the ancient Roman baths die antiken römischen Bäder
the art of the Ancient world die Kunst der Antike
ancient monument historisches Denkmal
ancient monument historische Stätte
ancient history die Frühgeschichte
as with the ancient Romans wie bei den alten Römern
in accordance by ancient custom nach altem Brauch
in accordance with ancient custom nach altem Brauch
in ancient times im Altertum
in ancient times in der Antike
ancient history eine graue Vorzeit
ancient history eine alte Geschichte
ancient history eine antike Geschichte
EU Terms
ancient history Geschichte des klassischen Altertums
ancient metallurgy research vorzeitliche Metallurgieforschung [f]
ancient lake Langzeitsee [m]
ancient nobility/aristocracy Uradel [m]
ancient American Studies Altamerikanistik [f]
ancient Iranian studies Altiranistik [f]
ancient Near Eastern studies Altorientalistik [f]
ancient history Alte Geschichte [f]
ancient world Altertumswissenschaften [pl]
Ancient civilisation Altertumswissenschaften [pl]
ancient civilisations Altertumswissenschaften [pl]
ancient worlds Altertumswissenschaften [pl]
classical studies of the ancient world klassische Altertumswissenschaften
ancient and modern philosophy ältere und neuere Philosophie
ancient history Alte Geschichte
near Eastern ancient civilisation Vorderasiatische Altertumswissenschaft
ancient Egyptian altägyptisch [adj]
ancient settlement land Altsiedellandschaft [f]
preservation of ancient monuments Denkmalpflege [f]
ancient fields Altacker [pl]
late ancient spätantik [adj]
ancient Near Eastern altorientalisch [adj]
ancient Iranian altiranisch [adj]
ancient Roman altrömisch [adj]
the Ancient World Antike [f]
ancient history antike Geschichte [f]
trireme (ancient war galley) Triere [f]
augur (in ancient Rome) Augur [m]
augur (in ancient Rome) Wahrsager [m]
augur (in ancient Rome) Weissager [m]
ancient Rome antikes Rom [n]
bacchanal (wine festival in ancient Rome) Bacchusfest (Weinfest im alten Rom) [n]
bacchanal (wine festival in ancient Rome) Bacchusfest [n]
latifundium (landed estate in Ancient Rome) Latifundium [n]
Illyrians (ancient group of tribes) Illyrier [pl]
Illyrians (ancient group of tribes) Illyrer (antike Stämme) [pl]
Aeschylus (ancient Greek tragedian) Aischylos (Tragödiendichter der Antike)
ancient Greece das antike Griechenland
Ancient Greece das Griechenland der Antike
Sophocles (ancient Greek tragedian) Sophokles (klassischer griech. Tragödiendichter)
the ancient Greeks die alten Griechen
Ancient Rome das Alte Rom
ancient Greece Griechenland in der Antike
the Ancient World das klassische Altertum
Anacreon (Greek ancient lyric poet) Anakreon (griechischer Lyriker der Antike)
Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, ancient poet) Horaz (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Dichter der Antike)
Titus Maccius Plautus (playwright of ancient rome) Titus Maccius Plautus (Komödiendichter im alten Rom)
Spartacus (gladiator of ancient Rome) Spartakus (Gladiator des Römisches Reiches)
Ancient Nordic urnordisch [adj]
ancient Greek Altgriechische Sprache [f]
Ancient Nordic Urnordisch [n]
ancient Greece Altgriechisch [n]
ancient Greek Altgriechisch [n]
ancient languages Sprachen des Altertums [pl]
ancient philosophy Philosophie der Antike [f]
ancient philosophy antike Philosophie [f]
Hippocrates of Kos (ancient Greek physician) Hippokrates von Kos (griechischer Arzt des Altertums)
ancient medicine Medizin im Altertum
Pompeii (ancient town in Italy) Pompeji (antike Stadt in Italien) [n]
Thebes (cities in ancient Greece and Egypt) Theben (Stadt im antiken Griechenland bzw. Ägypten) [n]
Pompeii (ancient town in Italy) Pompeji [n]
Thebes (cities in ancient Greece and Egypt) Theben [n]
Byzantium (ancient Greek city) Byzanz (antike Stadt Griechenlands)
Ephesus (ancient Greek city in present-day Turkey) Ephesos (antike griech. Stadt in der heutigen Türkei)
Antioch (ancient city in Syria) Antiochia (antike Stadt in Syrien)
Herculaneum (ancient town) Herculaneum (antike Stadt in Italien)
Illyria (ancient region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula) Illyrien (antike Region im Westen der Balkanhalbinsel)
ancient road Altstraße [f]
ancient ruins antike Ruinen
ancient customs alte Bräuche
ancient customs altes Brauchtum
ancient town alte Stadt
in ancient times im Altertum
ancient pine Langlebige Grannen-Kiefer
ancient pine Langlebige Kiefer
ancient oak alte Eiche
ancient murrelet Silberalk [m]
ancient murrelet Silberalk
ancient neptune Trompetenschnecke [f]
ancient neptune Trompetenschnecke
trireme (ancient war galley) Trireme [f]
trireme (ancient war galley) Triere (altertümliche Kriegsgaleere) [f]
ancient Greek boxing antiker Faustkampf [m]
antique/ancient work of art Antike [f]
tympanum (ancient frame drum) Tympanon (antike Rahmentrommel) [n]
tympanum (ancient frame drum) Tympanon [n]
The Rime of the ancient Mariner' (by Coleridge/work title) Der alte Matrose' (von Coleridge/Werktitel)
old/ancient/time-honoured tradition alte/althergebrachte Tradition
The Rime of the ancient Mariner' (Coleridge) Der alte Matrose' (Coleridge)
ancient small cannon alte kleine Kanone [f]
ancient murrelet Silberalk [m]