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Meanings of "gemein" in English German Dictionary : 82 result(s)

German English
gemein [adj] mean
gemein [adj] miscreant
gemein [adj] horrible
gemein [adj] horrid
gemein [adj] vile
gemein [adj] villainous
gemein [adj] waspish
gemein [adj] ugly
gemein [adj] ungentle
gemein [adj] skulduggerous
gemein [adj] yellow-dog
gemein [adj] bitchy
gemein [adj] spiteful
gemein [adj] unfair
gemein [adj] vicious
gemein [adj] cattish
gemein [adj] mean-gutted
gemein [adj] peaking
gemein [adj] swinish
gemein [adj] low-minded
gemein [adj] malicious
gemein [adj] iniquitous
gemein [adj] hateful
gemein [adj] tawdry
gemein [adj] shabby
gemein [adj] squalid
gemein [adj] ignoble
gemein [adj] utilitarian
gemein [adj] scummy
gemein [adj] nasty
gemein [adj] dishonorable
gemein [adj] raw
gemein [adj] grovelling
gemein [adj] maddening
gemein [adj] miserable
gemein [adj] infuriating
gemein [adj] exasperating
gemein [adj] base
gemein [adj] scurvy
gemein [adj] despiteful
gemein [adj] sneaking
gemein [adj] invidious
gemein [adj] slavish
gemein [adj] coarse
gemein [adj] wicked
gemein [adj] vulgar
gemein [adj] hangdog
gemein [adv] meanly
gemein [adv] cussedly
gemein [adv] blackly
gemein [adv] vilely
gemein [adv] villainously
gemein [adv] scurillously
gemein [adv] scurvily
gemein [adv] rascally
gemein [adv] viciously
gemein [adv] ignobly
gemein [adv] basely
gemein [adv] vindictively
gemein [adv] blackguardly
gemein [adv] scoundrelly
gemein [adv] unkindly
gemein [adv] dirtily
gemein [adv] cowardly
gemein [v] caitiff
gemein [adj/adv] beastly
gemein caitiff
gemein [adj] lowlife
gemein [adj] skullduggerous
gemein [adj] raw
gemein [adj] fiendish
gemein [adj] vulgar
gemein [adj] nasty
gemein [adj] common
gemein bitchy
gemein [adj] mean
gemein [adj] rude
gemein [adj] disreputable
gemein [adj] common
gemein [adj] scurrilous
gemein [adj] mean
gemein [adj] ignoble (origin)

Meanings of "gemein" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 19 result(s)

German English
gemein denkend [adj] foul-minded
gemein handelnd [adj] paltering
Gemein... [adj] common
so gemein wie [adj] as ugly as
gemein handeln [v] palter
gemein handeln [v] to palter
gemein handeln [v] palter
sich gemein verhalten [v] act meanly
gemein sein [v] be rude
gemein sein zu [v] be rude to
zu jemandem gemein sein [v] be rude to somebody
gemein werden [v] become malicious
gemein werden [v] become swinish
sich gemein benehmen [v] behave cruelly
sich gemein verhalten [v] behave meanly
einfach gemein downright mean
gemein handelnd paltering
Gemein Gerücht ist selten erlogen common fame is seldom to blame
Sei doch nicht so gemein! Don't be such a meanie!