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Spanish English
¡joderse! fuck off!
¡joderse! suck shit

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Spanish English
joderse [v] HN CR PR make an effort
joderse [v] HN CR PR strain
joderse [v] HN CR PR push oneself
joderse [v] HN CR PR exert oneself
joderse [v] HN CR PR apply oneself
joderse [v] NI BO:W CL fail
joderse [v] HN CR PR strive
joderse [v] HN CR PR force
joderse [v] fuck off
joderse [v] get screwed up for nothing
hay que joderse [phrase] would you believe it
hay que joderse [phrase] fuck me (surprise)
hay que joderse [phrase] you're fucking kidding me
hay que joderse [phrase] crap
hay que joderse [phrase] holy crap
¡hay que joderse! for fuck's sake!
a joderse tough shit