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beer bottle

Meanings of "beer bottle" in Spanish English Dictionary : 3 result(s)

English Spanish
beer bottle botella de cerveza [f]
beer bottle mica [f] HN child
beer bottle porrón [m] PE rare

Meanings of "beer bottle" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 13 result(s)

English Spanish
beer bottle of one liter capacity caguama [f] MX
amount of beer in a one liter bottle caguama [f] MX
beer or a bottle of beer cervezuana [f] DO
frosted beer bottle ceniza [f] DO
cream and greenish yellow-colored clay beer bottle from the late 19th century caneca (portugués) [f] PA
liter bottle of beer manga larga [f] NI PA
small bottle of beer quinto [m]
liter bottle of beer margaritero [m] PE
small beer bottle pequeña [f] DO
beer in a bottle pinta [f] PA
bottle of beer pinta [f] PA
bottle of beer mediana [f]
glazed clay bottle for gin or beer (fencing) caneca [f]