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Meanings of "pinta" in Spanish English Dictionary : 4 result(s)

English Spanish
pinta carare [m] VE
pinta mal del pinto [m] MX
pinta pinta [f]
pinta mal azul

Meanings of "pinta" in English Spanish Dictionary : 63 result(s)

Spanish English
pinta [f] small spot
pinta [f] pint
pinta [f] look
pinta [f] appearance
pinta [v] second-person singular formal present indicative of pintar
pinta [v] second-person singular affirmative imperative of pintar
pinta [adj] feminine of pinto
pinta [f] spot
pinta [f] mark
pinta [f] dot
pinta [f] drop
pinta [f] drop to drink
pinta [f] distinguishing mark
pinta [f] dice
pinta [m] rogue
pinta [adj/f] colourful
pinta [adj/f] motley
pinta [adj/f] blotchy
pinta [adj/f] marked
pinta [adj/f] colorful [us]
pinta [f] blemish
pinta [f] stain
pinta [f] scar
pinta [f] marks/lines on playing cards
pinta [f] outward appearance
pinta [f] small stain
pinta [f] small dot
pinta [f] VE clothing
pinta [f] MX hand-painted political sign
pinta [f] VE four suits of a playing deck
pinta [f] VE playing deck suit
pinta [f] GT HN craps game where five and six wins and ace and two loses
pinta [f] GT play with an ace, two, and three in hand
pinta [f] VE drunkenness
pinta [f] VE gold deposit
pinta [f] GT advance payment to a rural guard
pinta [f] CU set of patterns and colors of a fabric
pinta [f] DO dark skin
pinta [f] PR unit of volume equivalent to an eighth of a liter
pinta [f] VE person's clothing
pinta [adj] HN teen pretty
pinta [m/f] CO delinq. individual
pinta [m/f] UY individual
pinta [m/f] CO delinq. person
pinta [m/f] UY person
pinta [f] aspect
pinta [f] CO BO new elegant clothes
pinta [f] CO clothes
pinta [f] VE PE political propaganda painted on walls
pinta [f] PA beer in a bottle
pinta [f] PA bottle of beer
pinta [m] crook
pinta [adj/f] shrewd
pinta [adj/f] sharp
pinta CR a strange person or a criminal
pinta [f] piece of graffiti
pinta [f] speckle
pinta [f] speck
pinta [f] pint
pinta [f] pint
pinta [f] pint 0.473 liters
pinta [f] pinta
pinta [f] pint

Meanings of "pinta" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 79 result(s)

Spanish English
tener buena pinta [v] look good
judía pinta [f] pinto bean
pájara pinta [f] HN NI PA DO EC children's game like simon says
pájara pinta [f] HN special treatment
tener pinta [v] look as if
tener buena pinta [v] look good (attractive)
tener buena pinta [v] have a good appearance
tener toda la pinta de [v] have all the earmarks of
irse de pinta [v] skip school
pura pinta [m/f] MX NI PA CO EC PE BO PY AR UY person with good qualities
una pinta de leche a pint of milk
judía pinta kidney bean
cuarto de pinta [m] quartern
tener pinta de algo [v] smack of
tirar pinta [v] impress
irse de pinta [v] wag off [uk]
irse de pinta [v] cut class
irse de pinta [v] play truant
irse de pinta [v] play hookie
irse de pinta [v] bunk off
irse de pinta [v] hop the wag [uk]
irse de pinta [v] play hooky
irse de pinta [v] BO rare play hooky
con pinta deshonesta [adj] shifty
pinta uñas nail varnish [uk]
pinta uñas nail polish [us]
a la pinta [adv] CL to the taste, liking, or whim of the speaker
a la pinta [adv] PY angrily
tener pinta de listo [v] look smart
andar en pinta [v] HN dress sharp
estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO be dressed to the nines
estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO dress properly
irse de pinta [v] SV go out partying
hacer pinta [v] AR strut up and down like a peacock
hacer pinta [v] AR pretend to work
hacer pinta [v] AR pretend to do something
hacer pinta [v] AR show off
jugar de pinta [v] CR brag
jugar de pinta [v] CR boast
jugar de pinta [v] CR give oneself airs
echar pinta [v] CO be very dressed up
echar pinta [v] CO be dressed to the nine's
mostrar la pinta [v] BO:E reveal one's true intentions
mostrar la pinta [v] BO:E show one's true colors
ponerse la pinta [v] CO be well-dressed
estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO be well-dressed
ponerse la pinta [v] CO be elegant
estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO be elegant
ponerse la pinta [v] CO be dressed to the nines/kill
estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO be dressed to the nines/kill
tirar pinta [v] CO PE CL be very elegantly dressed
tirar pinta [v] HN boast
tirar pinta [v] HN brag
con pinta de cool cool-looking
¿tiene pinta de ser el tipo con el que saldría yo? does he look like the kind of person i'd go out with?
¡que buena pinta! that looks delicious!
¡tiene una pinta…! that looks delicious!
¡qué pinta tiene! that looks delicious!
¡qué buena pinta! that looks delicious!
no pinta doesn't write
no me gusta la pinta que tiene I don't like the look of it
¿por qué tengo esta pinta? why do I look like this?
no sé qué pinta tiene i don't know what he looks like
si madura como pinta PR if things turn out the way i planned
si madura como pinta PR hopefully things keep going this way
lo mismo raspa que pinta PR she/he's multitalented
lo mismo raspa que pinta PR she/he plays for both teams
ni pinta ni da color a knot on a log
pinta para áridos dry pint
ladrillo de pinta well-burned brick
Marine Biology
morena pinta jewel moray
chara pinta tufted jay
la pinta pint
metal de pinta silver-bearing ore
Units Of Length
pinta us = 4 gills = 16 onzas us pint (us pt) = 4 gills = 16 fl oz
pinta (pt) = 0.550 litros (l) us dry pint (pt) = 0.550 l
pinta imperial (pt) = 20 onzas = 0.568 litros (l) imperial pint (pt) = 4 gills = 20 fl oz = 160 fl dr
tortuga pinta painted wood turtle
culebra nariz lanceolada pinta spotted leaf-nosed snake