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Meanings of "chingar" in English Spanish Dictionary : 35 result(s)

Spanish English
chingar [v] CAM cut an animal's tail
chingar [v] importune
chingar [v] US MX GT SV tire
chingar [v] SV bore
chingar [v] engage in sexual intercourse
chingar [v] MX break
chingar [v] MX destroy
chingar [v] HN SV have fun
chingar [v] CR rur. dock (a tail)
chingar [v] PA dock (a tail)
chingar [v] tipple
chingar [v] MX annoy
chingar [v] screw with
chingar [v] MX to fuck
chingar [v] MX fuck
chingar [v] screw
chingar [v] knock back
chingar [v] get pissed
chingar [v] MX break
chingar [v] MX be wrong
chingar [v] MX screw up
chingar [v] MX fuck up
chingar [v] MX bother
chingar [v] MX fuck with
chingar [v] MX swipe
chingar [v] MX steal
chingar [v] MX work hard
chingar [v] MX bust one's ass
chingar [v] MX to have sexual intercourse
chingar [v] MX fuck
chingar [v] fuck
chingar [v] CR bother someone
chingar [v] US MX rape
chingar [v] US MX assault
chingar MX hump

Meanings of "chingar" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)

Spanish English
chingar la pita [v] GT have fun
pintarse para chingar [v] GT have fun messing with others
vete a chingar derog. go fuck yourself