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Meanings of "cuica" in English Spanish Dictionary : 17 result(s)

Spanish English
cuica [f] CL snob
cuica [f] CL social climber
cuica [f] DO obstacle
cuica [f] PA disused person who is blind in one eye (female)
cuica [f] DO PR skip rope
cuica [f] EC earthworm
cuica [f] DO PR jump rope
cuica [f] EC intestinal parasite
cuica [f] DO setback
cuica [f] CL woman of the upper social class that displays the manners of that class at all times
cuica [f] CL woman with fussy or affected customs and behavior
cuica [f] PA disused one-eyed person
cuica [f] GT HN SV woman with one incapacitated hand due to some dysfunction
cuica [f] EC thin person
cuica [f] MX marble
cuica [f] MX SV derog. female police officer
cuica [f] MX ball

Meanings of "cuica" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 9 result(s)

Spanish English
mano cuica [f] HN crooked hand
mano cuica [m] HN homosexual man
mano cuica [m] HN gay man
cuica lanosa woolly opossum
cuica de agua water opossum
cuica de agua yapok
cuica lanosa western woolly opossum
cuica común brown four-eyed opossum
cuica lanosa brown-eared wooly opossum