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Meanings of "explayarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 21 result(s)

Spanish English
explayarse [v] extend
explayarse [v] relax
explayarse [v] spread
explayarse [v] be stretched out
explayarse [v] be spread out
explayarse [v] have fun
explayarse [v] entrust to someone
explayarse [v] open one's heart
explayarse [v] amuse oneself
explayarse [v] spread out
explayarse [v] dwell upon
explayarse [v] be profuse in
explayarse [v] SV VE sit with one's legs spread apart or taking up a lot of room
explayarse [v] VE illegally occupy someone else's property
explayarse [v] be enlarged/extended
explayarse [v] dwell upon a subject
explayarse [v] enjoy an outing
explayarse [v] have a good time
explayarse [v] open one's heart
explayarse [v] expand on
explayarse [v] SV VE make oneself at home

Meanings of "explayarse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 12 result(s)

Spanish English
explayarse a su gusto [v] talk to one's heart's content
explayarse en algo [v] dwell on
explayarse a su gusto [v] talk away
explayarse a su gusto [v] nag at
explayarse a su gusto [v] talk endlessly
explayarse a su gusto [v] talk one's head off
explayarse con alguien [v] trust someone (with one's secrets or personal matters)
explayarse con alguien [v] show trust in the person by telling her or him a secret
explayarse con alguien [v] confide in someone
explayarse con alguien [v] put trust in someone
explayarse con alguien [v] trust or have faith in someone
explayarse con algo keep harping on something