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Meanings of "faction" in Spanish English Dictionary : 25 result(s)

English Spanish
faction facción [f]
faction bando [m]
faction camarilla [f]
faction parcialidad [f]
faction trinca [f]
faction fracción [f]
faction bandería [f]
faction bandos [m]
faction banda [f]
faction bandería [f]
faction bando [m]
faction chorizo [m]
faction pandilla [f]
faction grupúsculo [m]
faction color [m]
faction valía [f]
faction taifa [f]
faction tumulto [m]
faction partes [f/pl]
faction liga [f]
faction división [f]
faction alboroto [m]
faction banda [f]
faction valía [f]
faction campo [m]

Meanings of "faction" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 42 result(s)

English Spanish
reactionary political faction or movement reacción [f]
faction (side) lado [m]
person from a navarra faction who was primitively led by the lord of agramont agramontesa [f]
from a navarra faction who was primitively led by the lord of agramont agramontés [adj]
person from a navarra faction who was primitively led by the lord of agramont agramontés [m]
political faction tiendas [f/pl] UY derog.
faction in valencia during the days of charles v germanía [f]
member of a faction facciosa [f]
form a league, party/faction apandillar [v]
member of a faction faccioso [m]
political faction tienda [f] BO CL derog.
political faction in the panamanian liberal party headed by dr. belisario porras porrismo [m] PA
follower of porrismo, political faction in the panamanian liberal party headed by dr. belisario porras porrista [m/f] PA
political faction tienda política [f] EC PE BO CL
(party) faction sublema [m] UY
dissident faction of a union sector crítico ES
tajik shura-e-nazar faction facción tayika shura-e-nazar
movement of the revolutionary left masas faction movimiento de la izquierda revolucionaria de masas BO
movement of the revolutionary left labor faction movimiento de la izquierda laboral BO
movement of the revolutionary left—marxist-leninist faction movimiento de izquierda revolucionaria—marxista-leninista PE
revolutionary workers party, lora faction partido obrero revolucionario lora BO
colombian communist party-marxist leninist faction partido comunista colombiano-marxista leninista CO
nationalist popular faction corriente popular nacionalista UY
nationalist revolutionary movement historical faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario histórico BO
nationalist revolutionary movement united faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario unido BO
nationalist revolutionary movement, legalist faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario, sector legalista BO
nationalist revolutionary movement, renewal faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario renovador BO
nationalist revolutionary movement, siglo veinte faction veinte movimiento nacionalista revolucionario siglo veinte BO
nationalist revolutionary movement, vanguard faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario vanguardia BO
nationalist revolutionary movement-alliance faction movimiento nacionalista revolucionario-alianza BO
communist party of ecuador-marxist leninist faction partido comunista del ecuador-marxista leninista EC
socialist revolutionary party--marxist-leninist faction partido socialista revolucionario--marxista leninista PE
independent batllista faction corriente batllista independiente UY
democratic and renovator traditionalism (a faction of the colorado party) tradicionalismo renovador y democrático PY
peruvian communist party-majority faction partido comunista peruano-mayoría PE
peruvian communist party-unity faction partido comunista peruano-unidad PE
united popular action movement-workers and peasants faction movimiento de acción popular unitario-obreros y campesinos CL
national liberation movement-tupamaros faction movimiento de liberación nacional-tupamaros UY
mapu-workers and peasants faction mapu obrero-campesino CL
red flag-marxist leninist faction bandera roja-marxista leninista VE
revolutionary left front-marxist leninist faction frente de izquierda revolucionaria-marxista leninista PE
revolutionary proletarian faction tendencia proletaria revolucionaria MX