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Meanings of "filth" in Spanish English Dictionary : 62 result(s)

English Spanish
filth porquería [f]
filth indecencia [f]
filth inmundicia [f]
filth cochinada [f]
filth asquerosidad [f]
filth mugre [f]
filth cochambre [m]
filth suciedad [f]
filth bahorrina [f] rare
filth bardoma (árabe) [f] ES local
filth bascosidad [f]
filth basura [f]
filth barrido [m] rare
filth barreduras [f/pl]
filth guarrería [f]
filth caca [f]
filth nimiedad [f]
filth bahorrina [f] rare
filth obscenidades [f]
filth horrura  [f] rare
filth chuquencia [f] HN SV
filth chuquedad [f] HN SV
filth grela [f] AR UY
filth kaka [f] BO:S,C
filth metralla [f] CU child
filth metralla [f] PR
filth morraña [f] HN
filth ñaña [f] HN CR
filth mugrería [f] BO CL
filth mundicia [f] PY rur.
filth puercada [f] GT HN SV NI CR DO PR
filth puerqueza [f] PY
filth pringazón [f] BO:E
filth muladar [m]
filth gremu [m] UY
filth mugre [m] CR DO CO VE EC PY UY
filth tierrero [m] PR
filth bacinada [f]
filth bafea [f] rare
filth bardoma [f] rur. rare
filth bascosidad [f]
filth bazofia [f]
filth corrupción [f]
filth horrura [f]
filth roña [f]
filth estiércol [m] fig.
filth impureza [f]
filth infección [f]
filth fango [m]
filth carca (quechua) [f] PE
filth cascarria [f] CL:C,S AR UY
filth caca [f]
filth poli [f]
filth polilla [f]
filth madera [f]
filth de porquería [adj] LAM
filth la bofia
filth la caca
filth mierda [f]
filth mierda [f]
filth basura [f]
British Slang
filth policía

Meanings of "filth" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 25 result(s)

English Spanish
filth thrown from a close-stool bacinada [f] disused
filth accumulated on a part of the body, like the armpits or feet cota [f] DO
filth the tide drags to the beach mar de fondo [f] DO PR
sticky filth embarrada [f] DO PR
extreme filth embarradera [f] CU
remove filth from clothing (typically by soaking it in water with detergent) desmugrar [v] CL
covered with filth sucio [adj]
covered with filth mugriento [adj]
covered with filth mugroso [adj]
covered with filth inmundo [adj]
dirty with filth (person) curtido [adj] HN SV NI DO PR CO VE
grime or filth on the skin from not bathing cutre [m] PA:Nw rur.
sticky filth embarre [m] CU DO PR
filth the tide drags to the beach rebozo [m] VE
filth swept away basura [f]
filth thrown into the street privada [f]
free from filth mondar [v]
dirt or filth curtiembre [f] CR disused rur.
talk filth decir guarradas [v]
filth accumulated on some parts of the body cerote [m] VE
filth phobia fobia a la suciedad
phobia of filth fobia a la suciedad
filth the tide drags to the beach rebozo [m] VE
filth test prueba de filth
stinking filth cochambre [m]