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Meanings of "miserable" in Spanish English Dictionary : 72 result(s)

English Spanish
miserable triste [adj]
miserable miserable [adj]
miserable alafre [adj] VE
miserable aporreado [adj]
miserable arrastrado [adj]
miserable asendereado [adj]
miserable menguado [adj]
miserable mísero [adj]
miserable boqueriento [adj] CL
miserable mezquino [adj]
miserable mezquina [adj/f]
miserable mísera [adj/f]
miserable boquerienta [adj/f] CL
miserable menguada [adj/f]
miserable asendereada [adj/f]
miserable aporreada [adj/f]
miserable arrastrada [adj/f]
miserable astroso [adj]
miserable atacado [adj] disused
miserable angustiado [adj]
miserable avaricioso [adj]
miserable desgraciado [adj]
miserable desventurado [adj]
miserable desastrado [adj]
miserable desastroso [adj]
miserable cuitado [adj]
miserable desdichado [adj]
miserable infeliz [adj]
miserable lacerioso [adj]
miserable lastimero [adj]
miserable menudo [adj]
miserable piojoso [adj]
miserable avariento [adj]
miserable laceriosa [adj/f]
miserable lastimera [adj/f]
miserable angustiada [adj/f]
miserable menuda [adj/f]
miserable astrosa [adj/f]
miserable atacada [adj/f] disused
miserable cuitada [adj/f]
miserable avariciosa [adj/f]
miserable desastrada [adj/f]
miserable desastrosa [adj/f]
miserable desdichada [adj/f]
miserable desgraciada [adj/f]
miserable piojosa [adj/f]
miserable desventurada [adj/f]
miserable despreciable [adj]
miserable lastimoso [adj]
miserable lastimosa [adj/f]
miserable sin importancia [loc/adj]
miserable sin valor [loc/adj]
miserable down (inglés) [adj] PR VE
miserable rasposo [adj] AR UY derog.
miserable gris [adj]
miserable degracimao [adj] DO
miserable degrampado [adj] DO
miserable hacino [adj] disused
miserable misendeble [adj]
miserable horrible [adj]
miserable lamentable [adj]
miserable (ser un) gusano [adj]
miserable mohíno [adj]
miserable aperreado [adj]
miserable infeliz cuyaya [loc/adj] DO
miserable mala uva [f]
miserable agarrado [adj]
miserable mistongo [adj] SCN
miserable agarrada [adj/f]
miserable de mala muerte [adj]
miserable abyecto [adj]
miserable infelice [adj]

Meanings of "miserable" in English Spanish Dictionary : 65 result(s)

Spanish English
miserable [adj] poor
miserable [adj] miserable
miserable [adj] mean
miserable [adj] stingy
miserable [adj] paltry
miserable [adj] miserly
miserable [adj] despicable
miserable [adj] vile
miserable [adj] squalid
miserable [adj] wretched
miserable [m/f] swine
miserable [m/f] wretch
miserable [adj] wretch
miserable [adj] miserable person
miserable [m] wretched
miserable [m] unhappy
miserable [m] lamentable
miserable [m] exhausted
miserable [m] covetous
miserable [m] dejected
miserable [m] avaricious
miserable [m/f] hapless
miserable [adj] unhappy
miserable [adj] beggarly
miserable [adj] bitter
miserable [adj] evil
miserable [adj] illiberal
miserable [adj] hard
miserable [adj] piteous
miserable [adj] niggard
miserable [adj] pitiful
miserable [adj] mean-spirited
miserable [adj] sixpenny
miserable [adj] scabbed
miserable [adj] scabby
miserable [adj] scald
miserable [adj] caitiff
miserable [adj] distressful
miserable [m/f] beggar
miserable [m/f] fig. muckworm
miserable [adj] abject
miserable [adj] greedy
miserable [adj] in a state of misery
miserable [adj] meagre [uk]
miserable [adj] meager [us]
miserable [adj] accurst
miserable [adj] contemptible
miserable down to chili and beans
miserable [adj] pimping
miserable [adj] lousy
miserable [adj] poky
miserable yucky
miserable beneath contempt
miserable crappie
miserable wack (rap slang)
miserable dipstick
miserable fucked up
miserable gucky
miserable janky
miserable ropey
miserable schnorrer
miserable son of a bitch
British Slang
miserable stinking
miserable mingebag
miserable fart in a spacesuit

Meanings of "miserable" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 50 result(s)

English Spanish
plural of miserable miserables [adj]
miserable person miserable [adj]
most miserable misérrimo [adj]
miserable little room cuartucho [m]
miserable little room cuartuco [m]
most miserable misérrima [adj/f]
in a miserable way miserablemente [adv]
hopeless, miserable and unhappy person cara de dame medio [f] BO
miserable weather intemperie [f]
person who is miserable or ruined chancha [f] BO CL derog.
become miserable volverse miserable [v]
feel miserable sentirse desgraciado [v]
live a miserable life llevar una vida aperreada [v]
live in miserable conditions desperecer [v]
live in miserable conditions sufrir [v]
live in miserable conditions ir tirando [v]
hopeless, miserable and unhappy person cara de pide medio [adj] BO
miserable (person) chinchunte [adj] NI:W
miserable looking malatraza [adj] EC
indigenous considered lazy, miserable, ignorant and irresponsible calzonudo [m] MX
person who is miserable or ruined chancho [m] BO CL derog.
person who is unlucky, unhappy, miserable, or despondent infeliz cuyaya [loc/nom] DO
miserable weather mal tiempo
have a miserable experience pasar las de caín [v]
have a miserable experience pasar las penas del purgatorio [v]
have a miserable life andar arrastrado [v]
live a miserable life pasar la vida a tragos [v]
make life miserable for someone amargar la vida a alguien [v]
make life miserable for someone amargar la existencia a alguien [v]
make life miserable for someone llevar a mal traer [v]
make life miserable for someone traer a maltraer a alguien [v]
make life miserable for someone matar a alguien a disgustos [v]
make life miserable for someone dar mala vida a alguien [v]
make someone's life miserable llevar a alguien por la calle de la amargura [v]
make someone's life miserable traer a alguien por la calle de la amargura [v]
make someone's life miserable matar a alguien a fuego lento [v]
despicable and miserable person ratón de cola pelada [m] CL
make life miserable for someone hacerle la vida imposible a alguien
make oneself miserable hacerse daño a uno mismo
make oneself miserable atormentarse
make oneself miserable causar mal a sí mismo
make oneself miserable amargarse la vida
miserable hut/cottage casucha [f]
miserable hut/cottage casuca [f]
miserable life vidorria [f] derog. PR VE
a miserable, mean fellow cutre [m] ES
miserable little room tugurio [m]
miserable, mean person bacalao [m/f] CL
you are making yourself miserable over something that amounts to a hill of beans te estás haciendo la miserable ahogándote en una vaso de agua
you are making yourself miserable over something that amounts to a hill of beans te estás amargando por tonterías