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Meanings of "pajear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 17 result(s)

Spanish English
pajear [v] masturbate someone
pajear [v] wank
pajear [v] masturbate
pajear [v] HN SV flatter someone for one's own benefit
pajear [v] HN make someone fall in love
pajear [v] HN SV lie to someone
pajear [v] HN SV lie
pajear [v] HN SV butter someone up
pajear [v] HN win someone's love
pajear [v] HN SV deceive
pajear [v] HN win someone's heart
pajear [v] jerk off
pajear [v] feed well
pajear [v] rare behave
pajear [v] HN SV NI CR make small talk
pajear [v] HN SV NI CR shoot the breeze
pajear [v] CL laze around