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Meanings of "passionate" in Spanish English Dictionary : 53 result(s)

English Spanish
passionate acalorado [adj]
passionate incandescente [adj]
passionate pasional [adj]
passionate encendido [adj]
passionate apasionado [adj]
passionate ardiente [adj]
passionate fervoroso [adj]
passionate acalorada [adj/f]
passionate encendida [adj/f]
passionate apasionada [adj/f]
passionate fervorosa [adj/f]
passionate apasionado [adj]
passionate apasionado [adj] disused
passionate ardiente [adj]
passionate vehemente [adj]
passionate arrebatado [adj]
passionate volcánico [adj]
passionate afanoso [adj] HN NI DO PE
passionate berrinchudo [adj] PA
passionate berrinchoso [adj] PA
passionate berrinchudo [adj] PA
passionate descalentado [adj] DO
passionate candente [adj] PA
passionate malicioso [adj] SV DO
passionate pasionario [adj] HN PR
passionate puyudo [adj] PA
passionate berrinchuda [adj/f] PA
passionate berrinchosa [adj/f] PA
passionate berrinchuda [adj/f] PA
passionate caluroso [adj] fig.
passionate corajudo [adj]
passionate colérico [adj]
passionate febril [adj] fig.
passionate iracundo [adj]
passionate impetuoso [adj]
passionate patético [adj]
passionate soberbio [adj]
passionate caloroso [adj] fig.
passionate impetuosa [adj/f]
passionate calurosa [adj/f] fig.
passionate iracunda [adj/f]
passionate colérica [adj/f]
passionate corajuda [adj/f]
passionate soberbia [adj/f]
passionate patética [adj/f]
passionate irascible [adj]
passionate vivo [adj]
passionate intenso [adj]
passionate viva [adj/f]
passionate intensa [adj/f]
passionate pasionista [adj] BO
passionate como agua para chocolate MX
passionate ardoroso [adj]

Meanings of "passionate" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 44 result(s)

English Spanish
get passionate acalorarse [v]
become passionate acalorarse [v]
be passionate about apasionar [v]
feel passionate arder [v]
in a passionate way apasionadamente [adv]
passionate kisses and hugs between a romantic partners apretadera [f] CU
passionate hug apretazón [f] CU
passionate kisses and hugs between a romantic partners apretazón [f] CU
passionate hug apretadera [f] CU
passionate woman estufita [f] PR
become passionate revestirse [v]
be passionate ser apasionado [v]
interpret with exaggerated or passionate traits tropicalizar [v] CL cult
with exaggerated or passionate traits tropicaloide [adj] CL derog.
passionate about cars tuerca [adj] AR UY CL PY
prolonged and passionate kissing between a couple apretujamiento [m] PR
passionate kisses and fondling amasijo [m] AR UY
passionate kisses and fondling amasise [m] CO
exchange passionate kisses and hugs apercolle [m] HN SV
passionate and vehement love amor de negrito [m] DO
passionate kiss and hug between a couple clinch (del inglés to clinch) [m] CU disused
passionate kissing and other demonstrations of affection between two people chape [m] PY AR
long and passionate kiss chupeta [m] DO PR
passionate kiss chupete [m] PE
passionate encounter that does not end in sexual intercourse faje [m] MX
passionate kisses and caresses between two people jamoneo [m] VE
passionate kiss morrongueo [m] VE child
passionate love relationship rebusque [m] AR UY
passionate kiss truchazo [m] AR
be passionate about something apasionarse con algo [v]
have passionate sex with someone dar como caja [v] CL
a passionate embrace un abrazo apasionado
series of passionate kisses given to a person chunqueada [f] BO
passionate kiss lata [f] VE teen
become passionate about metejonearse [v] AR
passionate love berrinche [m] NI
series of passionate kisses given to a person chunqueo [m] BO
passionate kiss jamón [m] VE teen
kiss, especially if it is effusive or passionate jetazo [m] GT AR
kissing, hugging, and passionate caressing of a romantic partner rascabucheo [m] VE
passionate caress rochin [m] PA
passionate kisses and caresses atraque CL
sexually passionate erótico [adj]
passionate attitude actitud apasionada