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Meanings of "uncouth" in Spanish English Dictionary : 124 result(s)

English Spanish
uncouth ordinariez [f]
uncouth tosco [adj]
uncouth rústico [adj]
uncouth achulado [adj]
uncouth achulapado [adj]
uncouth agreste [adj]
uncouth inculto [adj]
uncouth cerrero [adj]
uncouth cerril [adj]
uncouth cimarrón [adj] AMER
uncouth bárbaro [adj]
uncouth baturro [adj]
uncouth zafio [adj]
uncouth bravio [adj]
uncouth grullo [adj]
uncouth guarango [adj]
uncouth bruto [adj]
uncouth rústica [adj/f]
uncouth achulada [adj/f]
uncouth achulapada [adj/f]
uncouth inculta [adj/f]
uncouth cerrera [adj/f]
uncouth cimarrona [adj/f] AMER
uncouth bárbara [adj/f]
uncouth baturra [adj/f]
uncouth zafia [adj/f]
uncouth bravía [adj/f]
uncouth grulla [adj/f]
uncouth guaranga [adj/f]
uncouth bruta [adj/f]
uncouth arrotarse [v] CL
uncouth agreste [adj]
uncouth arrabalero [adj]
uncouth arrotado [adj] CL
uncouth barbaján [adj] MX
uncouth bayunco [adj] GT HN SV NI
uncouth bestia [adj]
uncouth bravío [adj]
uncouth bravo [adj]
uncouth bruto [adj]
uncouth burdo [adj]
uncouth cazurro [adj]
uncouth chocante [adj]
uncouth chocarrero [adj]
uncouth metralla [f] CU
uncouth ramplón [adj]
uncouth montaraz [adj]
uncouth duro [adj]
uncouth burdo [adj]
uncouth basto [adj]
uncouth grosero [adj]
uncouth abambán [adj] DO
uncouth abagualado [adj] UY
uncouth baturro [adj] HN rare
uncouth caitudo [adj] MX GT HN SV NI
uncouth campeche [adj] CO Ve:C,W derog.
uncouth bagual [adj] CL AR UY rur.
uncouth chorrillero [adj] PA
uncouth galponero [adj] UY derog.
uncouth coyguá [adj] BO
uncouth leperusco [adj] MX
uncouth koyguá [adj] PY
uncouth macuache [adj] MX rare
uncouth macuche [adj] MX rare
uncouth montuno [adj] DO VE
uncouth patán [adj] PA derog.
uncouth úrsulo [adj] SV
uncouth criado a monte [adj] AR rur.
uncouth grosera [adj/f]
uncouth baturra [adj/f] HN rare
uncouth caituda [adj/f] MX GT HN SV NI
uncouth brozno [adj]
uncouth grotesco [adj]
uncouth guaso [adj] AR BO EC PY PE UY
uncouth material [adj]
uncouth mazorral [adj]
uncouth recio [adj]
uncouth tocho [adj]
uncouth recia [adj/f]
uncouth tocha [adj/f]
uncouth tosca [adj/f]
uncouth grotesca [adj/f]
uncouth guasa [adj/f] AR BO EC PY PE UY
uncouth brozna [adj/f]
uncouth rudo [adj]
uncouth chabacano [adj]
uncouth patán [adj]
uncouth ruda [adj/f]
uncouth chabacana [adj/f]
uncouth campesino [adj] disused
uncouth chagra (quechua) [adj] EC
uncouth galponero [adj] UY derog.
uncouth palurdo [adj]
uncouth paleto [adj]
uncouth jáyaro [adj] ANS
uncouth aguacatero [adj] HN
uncouth amontunado [adj] MX:Se
uncouth amontunado [adj] HN PA
uncouth sombrerudo [adj] MX HN
uncouth caitudo [adj] HN NI
uncouth montuno [adj] MX
uncouth cabito [adj] NI
uncouth corroncho [adj] CO:N derog.
uncouth huanaco [adj] PE CL
uncouth rosca [adj] EC derog.
uncouth animal [adj]
uncouth cafre [adj]
uncouth criado a monte [adj] UY
uncouth cholero [adj] HN
uncouth palurda [adj/f]
uncouth aguacatera [adj/f] HN
uncouth sombreruda [adj/f] MX HN
uncouth caituda [adj/f] HN NI
uncouth montuna [adj/f] MX
uncouth naco [adj] MX NI BO
uncouth cumaso [adj] CL
uncouth machetón [adj] SV NI derog.
uncouth naca [adj/f] MX NI BO
uncouth vulgar
uncouth ordinario [adj]
uncouth extraño [adj]
uncouth desolado [adj]
uncouth extraña [adj/f]
uncouth desolada [adj/f]

Meanings of "uncouth" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 64 result(s)

English Spanish
uncouth person bruto [m]
uncouth person arrabalera [f]
uncouth person arrotada [f] CL
uncouth person asna [f]
uncouth person barbajana [f] MX
uncouth person arrabalero [m]
uncouth person arrotado [m] CL
uncouth person asno [m]
uncouth person barbaján [m] MX
uncouth man hastial [m]
rude and uncouth person campechana [f] BO:W,C,S derog.
rude and uncouth person chirusa [f] PY AR UY derog.
uncouth and crude person chunera [f] GT
uncouth person churrupaca [f] PE derog.
uncouth person chusma [f] NI PA PE BO PY derog.
uncouth woman grasuna [f] AR UY derog.
group of uncouth people leperuza [f] MX derog.
uncouth person veguina [f] CL derog.
acquire uncouth manners acholarse [v] AR:Nw
become rustic, indelicate and uncouth aguarengarse [v] CL AR
become uncouth amontunarse [v] MX:Se
become uncouth amontunarse [v] HN VE
be uncouth/unrefined ser grosero [v]
be uncouth/unrefined estar sin refinar [v]
be uncouth/unrefined ser bruto [v]
rude and uncouth campechano [adj] BO:W,C,S derog.
uncouth (person) chimbo [adj] VE
uncouth (person) cholondrón [adj] PA derog.
uncouth (person) chucán [adj] SV NI
uncouth (person) chongo [adj] UY
uncouth (person) chuto [adj] PE
crude uncouth carretonero [adj] CU CL derog.
uncouth person barbarazo [m] DO
rude and uncouth person campechano [m] BO:W,C,S derog.
rude and uncouth person chiruso [m] PY AR UY derog.
uncouth and crude person chunero [m] GT
uncouth person churrupaco [m] PE derog.
uncouth man grasún [m] AR UY derog.
uncouth and inept man cuadrado [m] CU
uncouth person veguino [m] CL derog.
uncouth person bruto [m/f]
uncouth person chusma [m/f] CU derog.
uncouth person pepescue [m/f] SV
rude and uncouth campechana [adj/f] BO:W,C,S derog.
uncouth person persona inculta
uncouth act/expression baturrada [f]
be uncouth desentonarse [v]
be uncouth ser gente de orilla [v] DO PR derog.
rude and uncouth person bestia peluda [f] BO AR UY
rude and uncouth person bestiuna [f] AR UY
rude and uncouth person chiruza [f] PY AR UY derog.
uncouth person orejona [f] GT
uncouth person cholera [f] HN
become rustic, indelicate and uncouth aguarangarse [v] AR UY
uncouth (person) cholo [adj] MX PA PE AR:Nw BO:W,C,S derog.
rude and uncouth person bestiun [m] AR UY
rude and uncouth person chiruzo [m] PY AR UY derog.
uncouth person orejón [m] GT
uncultured or uncouth person ñame con corbata [m] CU DO PR
uncouth person cholero [m] HN
uncouth (person) chutusca [m/f] AR:Nw
uncouth person picante [m/f] CL derog.
uncouth person chusmona [f] CU derog.
uncouth person chusmón [m] CU derog.