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Meanings of "wicked" in Spanish English Dictionary : 124 result(s)

English Spanish
wicked depravado [adj]
wicked perverso [adj]
wicked maleante [adj]
wicked malvado [adj]
wicked pícaro [adj]
wicked inicuo (formal) [adj]
wicked pernicioso [adj]
wicked facineroso [adj]
wicked maleta [adj] MX AR CO SV GT
wicked malicioso [adj]
wicked felón [adj]
wicked protervo [adj]
wicked avieso [adj]
wicked bellaco [adj]
wicked inicua (formal) [adj/f]
wicked perniciosa [adj/f]
wicked perversa [adj/f]
wicked pícara [adj/f]
wicked facinerosa [adj/f]
wicked maliciosa [adj/f]
wicked felona [adj/f]
wicked malvada [adj/f]
wicked proterva [adj/f]
wicked aviesa [adj/f]
wicked bellaca [adj/f]
wicked abellacado [adj] disused
wicked bribón [adj]
wicked celerado [adj] disused
wicked dañado [adj]
wicked descomulgado [adj]
wicked dañino [adj]
wicked infame [adj]
wicked perro [adj]
wicked viperino [adj]
wicked nefario [adj]
wicked travieso [adj]
wicked mal nacido [adj]
wicked bellaco [adj] CU:E DO
wicked chimado [adj] SV
wicked fregadazo [adj] GT derog.
wicked fregado [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CR
wicked gualaicho [adj] BO
wicked conficao [adj] DO
wicked ingrato [adj] GT CR DO PY
wicked malazo [adj] VE CL AR UY
wicked porro [adj] DO
wicked sabandija [adj] UY
wicked vejiga [adj] GT
wicked bola de humo [adj] CU
wicked traviesa [adj/f]
wicked bellaca [adj/f] CU:E DO
wicked dañado [adj]
wicked descomulgado [adj]
wicked inicuo [adj]
wicked endiablado [adj]
wicked forajido [adj]
wicked impío [adj]
wicked ímprobo [adj]
wicked réprobo [adj]
wicked ribaldo [adj]
wicked maldadoso [adj]
wicked maldecido [adj]
wicked maligno [adj]
wicked malo [adj]
wicked pravo [adj]
wicked ruin [adj]
wicked villano [adj]
wicked zaino [adj]
wicked prava [adj/f]
wicked zaina [adj/f]
wicked impía [adj/f]
wicked ímproba [adj/f]
wicked inicua [adj/f]
wicked endiablada [adj/f]
wicked réproba [adj/f]
wicked ribalda [adj/f]
wicked maldecida [adj/f]
wicked maldadosa [adj/f]
wicked maligna [adj/f]
wicked forajida [adj/f]
wicked dañada [adj/f]
wicked descomulgada [adj/f]
wicked villana [adj/f]
wicked mal intencionado [adj]
wicked juguetón [adj]
wicked picaresco [adj]
wicked terrible [adj]
wicked juguetona [adj/f]
wicked picaresca [adj/f]
wicked maldita [adj/f]
wicked mala [adj/f]
wicked mala onda [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CR DO CO EC BO CL PY AR UY
wicked hiper [adj]
wicked bestial [adj]
wicked genial [adj]
wicked total [adj]
wicked dabuten [adj]
wicked descerrajado [adj]
wicked excomulgado [adj]
wicked bendito [adj] MX GT HN NI PA
wicked bagre [adj] PE
wicked pinche [adj] MX GT derog.
wicked maldito [adj]
wicked más malo que coger lo ajeno [adj] DO
wicked descerrajado [adj]
wicked diabólico [adj]
wicked endemoniado [adj]
wicked excomulgada [adj/f]
wicked descerrajada [adj/f]
wicked bendita [adj/f] MX GT HN NI PA
wicked muy [adv]
wicked jodido [adj]
wicked bacán [adj]
wicked asombroso [adj]
wicked jodida [adj/f]
wicked endiablado
wicked condenado [adj]
wicked pecaminoso [adj]
wicked malandrín [adj]
wicked malévolo [adj]
wicked endemoniado [adj]
wicked desalmado [adj]
British Slang
wicked genial
wicked súper

Meanings of "wicked" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 42 result(s)

English Spanish
make wicked abellacar [v] rare
become wicked abellacarse [v] rare
be wicked bribonear [v]
become wicked embellaquecerse [v]
wicked person bicho [m] derog.
wicked person mal bicho [m]
in a wicked way malvadamente [adv]
the quality of being wicked maldad [f]
the quality of being wicked perversidad [f]
wicked, shameless behavior badulacada [f] PE CL AR
wicked, shameless person behavior badulaqueada [f] CL
be wicked ser del codo [v] CAM
be wicked ser duro de codo [v]
very wicked diabólico [adj]
wicked (person) chipiado [adj] SV
wicked person malvado [m]
wicked person ojete [m] MX
villain (wicked person) felón [m/f]
a person that has a wicked, rogue behavior badulaque [m/f] CL PY
wicked! de vicio
wicked trick jugada [f]
most wicked iniquísimo [adj]
wicked person renegado [m]
most wicked iniquísima [adj/f]
be wicked nervous estar muy nervioso [v]
have one's wicked way pasar por la piedra [v]
have one's wicked way with someone hacerle una maldad a alguien [v]
have one's wicked way with somebody tener sexo con alguien [v]
be wicked ser duro de codo [v] CAM
be wicked ser un pobre diablo [v]
have a wicked tongue tener una lengua viperina [v]
have a wicked tongue tener una lengua de víbora [v]
have a wicked tongue tener una lengua de serpiente [v]
have a wicked tongue tener una lengua de escorpión [v]
have a wicked tongue tener una lengua de hacha [v]
there's no peace for the wicked el diablo nunca duerme
there's no rest for the wicked el diablo nunca descansa
evil/wicked (person) maluco  [adj] VE
wicked teenager mal engendro [m]
evil/wicked (person) maluca  [adj/f] VE
it's wicked es endemoniado
wicked person infame [adj]