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Significados de "pitcher" en diccionario español inglés : 52 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
pitcher jarra [f]
pitcher lanzadora [f]
pitcher jarro [m]
pitcher cántaro [m]
pitcher bocal [m]
pitcher cántara [f]
pitcher cantarada [f]
pitcher aguamanil [m]
pitcher aguamanos [m]
pitcher barral [m] ES local
pitcher bocal [m]
pitcher bombón [m]
pitcher cántaro [m]
pitcher cántara [f]
pitcher paila [f] HN SV:E
pitcher pichela [f] BO
pitcher poma [f] NI EC:S
pitcher tarro [m]
pitcher búcaro [m]
pitcher pichel [m] SV CR
pitcher lanzador [m]
pitcher pitcher [m]
pitcher canari [m] DO
pitcher pichel (inglés pitcher) [m] GT HN SV NI CR
pitcher puñu [m] BO:C rur.
pitcher botadora [f]
pitcher botador [m]
pitcher pichel [m]
pitcher porrón [m]
pitcher múcura [m] VE CO CU
pitcher arrojador [m]
pitcher jugador que tira la pelota [m]
pitcher soplanucas [m] MX EC AR CL
pitcher soplapescuezos [m] MX
pitcher homosexual dominante/agresivo
pitcher homosexual activo
pitcher gay activo en la cárcel
pitcher activo en las relaciones homosexuales
pitcher ascidia [f]
pitcher aguamanil [m]
pitcher pitcher [m/f]
pitcher monticulista [f]
pitcher lanzadora [f] MX CR PA CU VE PE BO PY HN SV NI DO PR
pitcher serpentinero [m]
pitcher monticular [m]
pitcher pícher [m]
pitcher lanzador [m]
pitcher lanzador [m] MX CR PA CU VE PE BO PY HN SV NI DO PR
pitcher pícher (inglés pitcher) [m] US MX NI CR PA CU DO PR VE
pitcher serpentinero [m] NI CU DO
pitcher lanzador [m/f]
pitcher monticulista [m/f] SV NI CU VE

Significados de "pitcher" en diccionario inglés español : 2 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
pitcher [m] pitcher
pitcher [m/f] pitcher

Significados de "pitcher" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 112 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
pitcher [us] jarra [f]
pitcher [us] jarro [m]
water pitcher bule [m]
earthenware pitcher barrila [f] ES local
sell by the pitcher acantarar [v]
measure by the pitcher acantarar [v]
water pitcher aguamanil [m]
water pitcher aguamanos [m]
water pitcher barril [m]
earthenware pitcher bernegal [m]
ceramic water pitcher búcaro [m]
(female) pitcher lanzadora [f]
a cylindrical metal pitcher for boiling water or making tea or coffee tetera [f] HN
a small pitcher to draw water from a pot tetera [f] HN
glass wine pitcher tetera [f] HN
pitcher and catcher batería [f] PR VE
pitcher and catcher batería [f] NI DO PR VE
two-handled pitcher cugula [f] HN:C,S,W
earthenware pitcher castellana [f] GT rur.
pitcher or clay pot of regular size, used in the field to carry water and store liquid cantarilla [f] EC:S disused
metal pitcher pichinga [f] GT SV CR
5l plastic pitcher pichinga [f] NI CR
pewter pitcher pichinga [f] GT SV CR
water pitcher potisa [f] DO
water pitcher potiza [f] DO
benched because the opposing team's batters are easily getting hits (baseball pitcher) explotado [adj] NI
glass wine pitcher agüero [m] HN
a cylindrical metal pitcher for boiling water or making tea or coffee agüero [m] HN
a small pitcher to draw water from a pot agüero [m] HN
a cylindrical metal pitcher for boiling water or making tea or coffee porrón [m] HN
a small pitcher to draw water from a pot porrón [m] HN
glass wine pitcher porrón [m] HN
pitcher who doesn't throw fast balls bolón [m] PR
two-handled pitcher cugul [m] HN:C,S,W
clay pitcher canco [m] AR
small water pitcher porro [m] HN
clay pitcher puytu [m] BO
beer pitcher schop [m] CL
a large, narrow-mouthed pitcher cántara [f]
ancient jar/pitcher hidria [f]
pitcher found in huacas huaquera [f] EC HN PE
earthen jar/pitcher cangilón [m]
small pitcher cantarillo [m]
a large, narrow-mouthed pitcher cántaro [m]
wide-mouthed wine pitcher bocal [m]
pitcher found in huacas huaquero [m] EC HN PE
small jug/pitcher jarrito [m]
narrow-bottomed pitcher perulero [m]
water pitcher cantimplora [f] disused
earthenware pitcher búcaro [m] AL
be pitcher and catcher ser pitcher y catcher [v] MX NI DO PR
clay pitcher birqui [m] BO:S
drop by drop the pitcher is full gota a gota se llena la bota
pitcher (gay) activo [m]
pitcher (gay) soplanucas [m]
pitcher-shaped aritenoideo [adj]
pitcher pump bomba de engranes [m]
tropical pitcher plant planta cántaro
pitcher-like leaf ascidia [f]
ground pitcher cascote de bizcocho
pitcher and catcher batería [f]
wild pitcher tirapiedras [f]
baseball pitcher defensiva (inglés defensive) [f] CU DO PR VE
type of jacket used by the pitcher to keep warm during breaks chaqueta [f] NI PR
make the batter swing and miss (pitcher) abanicar [v] CR PA DO PR
pull out the pitcher sacar del montículo [v]
be put in a difficult situation or be caught in a jam (as a pitcher) caérsele la casa encima [v]
create a difficult situation for the pitcher llenarse el cuarto de agua [v]
pull out a pitcher aplicar la grúa [v]
shellac a pitcher explotar [v]
take out the pitcher sacar del montículo [v]
relieve a pitcher aplicar la grúa [v]
hit hard (a pitcher) castigar [v]
get many hits off a single pitcher explotar [v] NI PR
starting (pitcher) abridor [adj] CU DO PR VE
starting (pitcher) abridor [adj] US rare
first (pitcher) abridor [adj] CU DO PR VE
first (pitcher) abridor [adj] US rare
lacking control in directing a pitch (pitcher) descontrolado [adj] CU DO PR
best pitcher of the team pitcher experto [m]
best pitcher of the team lanzador experto [m]
starting pitcher abridor [m]
wild pitcher saco de bolas [m]
relief pitcher apagafuego [m]
losing pitcher derrotado [m]
hits allowed (by pitcher) hits permitidos [m]
power pitcher (one who throws bullets) balero [m]
relief pitcher bombero [m]
strikeout pitcher lanzador de poder [m]
wild pitcher bolón [m]
power pitcher lanzador de poder [m]
relief pitcher lanzador de relevo [m]
relief pitcher lanzador relevista [m]
left-handed pitcher brazo equivocado [m]
left-handed pitcher brazo corvo [m]
winning team or pitcher ganador [m]
workhorse pitcher brazo de goma [m]
box (pitcher) box (inglés) [m] HN NI CU
first pitcher abridor [m] CU DO PR VE
first pitcher abridor [m] US rare
relief pitcher consistently used to close or finish the game cerrador [m] CU
baseball game in which the pitcher plays all nine innings juego completo [m] NI PR
catch of the ball thrown by the pitcher mascoteo [m] CU
relief pitcher pícher tapón [m] CU
substitute pitcher relevista [m] SV CU
relief pitcher relevista [m/f]
relieve pitcher apagafuegos [m/f] NI CU VE
relief pitcher apagafuegos [m/f] NI CU VE
baseball pitcher lanzador de béisbol
chilean pitcher flower (sarmienta repens) medallita [f] CL
pitcher-like ascidio [adj]
pitcher-like ascidia [adj/f]